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A chat with the singer Elle Winter

A chat with the singer Elle Winter

Explosiveness, creativity and care are three essential aspects when describing Elle Winter and her music. The American singer and actress, who recently moved to Los Angeles, has dreamed of singing and performing in public since she was a child, and to date we can say that she has succeeded. Her latest single ‘Help’ represents an outstretched hand towards those who are unable to ask for help due to too much pressure.

Your latest single ‘Help’ was released this 13 October and is about the importance of knowing how to ask for help when one needs it. What prompted you to write it?

I wrote “Help” with Grammy award winning producers and songwriters, Kizzo (“We Are”) and Autumn Rowe (“We Are”). I went into the studio the day I wrote “Help” wanting to write about something personal I never had written about before. Growing up in the industry, I had put pressure on myself to always be “perfect.” As I got older, this behavior caused me to suppress my feelings and not allow me to ask anyone for support, neglecting my needs. I wrote “Help” when I began a new chapter of my life; I had just moved to Los Angeles from NYC, started working on a whole new body of music, and even started a new relationship. I decided I would start this new phase of my life putting myself first and reaching out for support if I needed to. 

You have been approaching the world of music since a young age, but how did your passion start?

I have always loved music and performing. My mom says I started singing and talking at the same time. I grew up listening to pop divas like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Beyonce and had only ever dreamt to also perform my original music one day just like those women. Growing up in NYC provided me with so many opportunities to explore my creativity at a young age, with professional acting, singing, and dance classes easily accessible. I was super lucky to have met a talented band leader musical director who took me under his wing at age 9. We began writing and recording music together. I realized early on I loved music and performing for live audiences.  

You are very young but have already achieved great success. How do you live it?

I try to enjoy every day and appreciate my health and all the love I feel from those in my life. Everyday is a blessing and not promised, and I wake up with gratitude every morning. 

Your inspirations range from Britney Spears to Bruno Mars, but also Ed Sheeran. If you had to choose just one artist, with whom would you like to collaborate and why?

I would love to collaborate with Meghan Trainor. I love her music, her energy, and everything she stands for. I especially love how she channels the 60s, my favorite era of music, and does so in an authentic, fierce and empowering way. 

You acted alongside Elle Fanning in Three Generations, so you are not only a singer but also an actress. What do you appreciate most about film and what about the music industry?

I think both film and music are such powerful storytelling mediums and means for connection. 

Through my music, I am able to tell my own stories and connect with listeners around the world. In acting, I work to connect to someone else’s story and then share it in the hope I am able to move others. Both film and music allow me to explore my own emotions and experiences in an effort to connect. I feel very fortunate to be able to work in both industries.  

From New York, the city where you were born and raised, you moved to Los Angeles. What do you expect from this city? 

I love living in Los Angeles because it is full of opportunities to express my creativity. I had been coming to LA often since I was 13 for music and acting. I had always wanted to live in LA after completing my education. Now that I live in LA, it has been incredible to regularly work in the studio with such talented writers and producers and to focus on so many other interesting projects without the pressure of having to go back to NY. I also love the palm trees, sunny weather and healthy food options!!  

Your personality emerges not only from your songs, but also from your very well-groomed and detail-oriented Instagram profile. How do you think social media has impacted the music industry? 

I think social media has allowed artists to build better relationships with their fans and reach more people than ever before with their music.  I’ve seen firsthand the impact social media has on music, as I’ve been virtually connected to so many supporters around the world through Instagram and TikTok. However, I do believe that social media should not be the only way the industry judges talent and success. Social Media should be used to benefit the artist community without hindering the ability for true talent to be rewarded. 

Your looks are always very cool. Which relationship do you have with fashion

I love experimenting with my style. I have been dressing up since I was a young girl. I so appreciate style icons like Brigette Bardot, Nancy Sinatra, and Diana Ross. I love dressing in bright, fun colors with a touch of Hollywood glamor!


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