Acting, Casting and Production: Rebecca Lamarche’s goals

Rebecca Lamarche is one of those personalities defined as 100% multifaceted. She likes to take on various roles in the cinema’s world, in front of and behind the camera. Despite this incredibly intense and full life, talking to her we found a woman full of positivity, attentive to detail, interested in giving a voice to inclusiveness. Not least, a great fashion expert! Follow this exclusive interview to find out more about her!

Actress, filmmaker, producer and casting director. You are definitely a resourceful person in this business. I think that people who have art inside them have to somehow bring it out, and so they will have many different roles. How do you approach cinema in relation to art?

Interesting question! I’m going to give you three answers as I have three focuses in my career: Acting, Producing and Casting.

Acting – I think the “art” of acting really comes down to showing less to let more happen. For me, this means bringing as much of myself to the role, as fits the role, planning less and reacting/responding more to the moment at hand. That’s when you make room for surprises which is exciting! 

Casting – I like to sometimes look at the picture as a whole and see who best fits the world and existing cast vs the part. When it comes to Star casting it can be less tangible aspects such as their tone and inner energy or inner “light”. The Stars quite literally set the stage for the picture.

Producing – Producing is so wonderfully challenging in facilitating and servicing the best story you can while managing budget, timelines and all of the nuts and bolts. For me, I like to zero in on a feeling and work with my team on how that looks and sounds, building out, and finding a way to make that possible.

Is there a particular “star” that you admire and that inspires you?

Yes, Jessica Chastain. She is so multi-faceted. To me, she’s a powerful, intelligent performer who brings a lot of strength to her roles, like in “Zero Dark Thirty” or “Molly’s Game”. At the same time, she can bring vulnerability and levity as she did in, “The Help”. 

In the last year alone you had roles in three different made-for-TV movies. Can you tell us something more about the films and the role you play?

Of course! Well first of which is “Sappy Holiday” which premiers on UPtv, Saturday, Dec 17 in America. It also just premiered and continues to play here in Canada on Super Channel Heart and Home. I play a happy and loving mother, “Rebecca”, who gave up her dreams of interior design when she got pregnant in college. Over Christmas, she has the opportunity to use her dormant skills to help save and support the life she loves.

Next Spring (2023), I’m in a dreamy marina-based romance which is currently called, “All Aboard for Love”. I play a stylish academic, “Cindy”, who summers on her boat and is supporting her best friend during a season of change and, perhaps, a season of love…

I also filmed a really fun Christmas movie for next year, (2023), currently called “Christmas in Maple Hills” where I play a character, “Annie”, who works in a naval ship factory supporting the war effort in the 1940s.

Lots of fun ladies and I’m happy to say I’ll be back on set filming a mystery in the new year!

What has been your favorite moment on set so far?

Wow that’s a tricky one. To be honest, I don’t have one yet but today, it’s a memory from set of “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair“. I was working opposite Wayne Knight and was on the steps of the courthouse overlooking 100 extras. The director, Jean-Jacques Annaud, was very efficient but still gave time and care to everyone on set. It was not only the largest production I had been on at that point and, on top of that, I was offered the role without auditioning.  It was a great script, a great cast and a great crew.  I definitely took a moment to appreciate and soak in the “win” ๐Ÿ™‚

Where do you get the inspiration for your films from? 

It all starts with the script and what sparks emotion when reading. A lot of the time, for me, it’s the simple, seemingly quiet, moments. What in life would really touch you? What do you yearn for and how does that translate between the page, the character(s) and the work on the day? Moments of intimacy, for example, could be brushing the hair out of someone’s eyes or a kiss on the cheek vs. a passionate kiss on the lips.

How many personal experiences are inside, how many dreams and fantasies?

There are a lot of genres I want to explore over the course of my career. I want to do understated dramas, period piece dramas, action and fantasy! Depending the project, maybe a musical!

We are very interested in people who are inclusive and have seen that you are a strong advocate of including people of color in castings.

Thank you, yes! It’s important to be mindful of the stories we’re telling and to seek out new voices to tell them. Talent and beauty are so multifaceted it’s exciting that the industry is increasingly open to voices previously overlooked and that I get to be a part of championing them.

LATEST being primarily a fashion magazine, this question is always a must for us. Do you have any fashion brands that you particularly like, or that you think could represent you more?

Alright, please hold my tea because I LOVE fashion! 

My favorite, out of this world, couture is from Guo Pei and Iris van Herpen. I think their designs represent the epitome of fashion as art and will be immortalized in museums. 

For more traditional, wearable, couture, I’m always drawn to Oscar de la Renta. And lastly, for bridal, my all-time, longstanding, favourite is Galia Lahav.

I could chat fashion all day!!

If you could go back in time and talk to your younger self, what would you say to her?

Continue to trust yourself and stress less. Career timelines are a construct, do what makes you happy and fulfilled. Oh, also, auditions matter less than you think. Enjoy, relax and have fun – that’s when the magic happens!


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