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Alberta Ferretti SS2021: butterflies as a symbol of rebirth

Alberta Ferretti SS2021: butterflies as a symbol of rebirth

For the next spring summer 2022 season, the Alberta Ferretti brand has imagined a path of rebirth. A positive ending, therefore, in which we finally come out of the pandemic to return to our activities. And what better symbol of rebirth and change than the butterfly?

It was used as a print on fabrics, inserted in a very elegant impressionist context, or as a graphic in the intertwining of fantastic macramé tops and dresses. Also in terms of colors, the collection was presented as we imagine the birth of a butterfly. Starting from chewed earth colors, we gradually arrive at emerald green and turquoise that make you think of the wings that unfold, just out of the cocoon.

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However, the symbol of rebirth does not only speak of the post-pandemic. In fact, in some previous collections, Ferretti had shifted his interest a little towards more salable garments, such as jeans and jacket-trouser suits and less on its characteristic long and fluttering event dresses. We are happy to see a countertrend on this and a collection in which she has truly managed to wisely mediate the two worlds.

Various sets, in fact, can have various types of uses and can also be worn during the day, if separated. Such as a black t-shirt paired with a colored sequin skirt, or high-waisted palazzo pants complemented by elegant transparent tops, or intertwined with very long fringes.

A lot of weaving also on shoes and bags, as well as on tops and dresses. This immediately leads us to think of a great desire for a holiday in exotic places.

The collection is typically Ferretti, feminine and sensual in its vague transparencies, but without ever descending into vulgarity or exaggeration. The clothes slide softly like a caress. We really love this mood.


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