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Alisun: Lead with Love

Alisun: Lead with Love

When you talk to a singer, you expect to mostly talk about music and projects. But Alisun‘s life project is a step above all of this. The Californian singer with Latin, Cuban and Mexican roots is firmly committed to safeguarding the planet and she feels like a citizen of the world. She follows various philanthropic initiatives and helps with all the means she has at her disposal. “Lead with love” is her motto and we really hope to meet more people like her on our path.

We are waiting for the release of your third single, “Around the World”, on August 5th. How are you experiencing the release, are you excited?

I am! I’m excited to be a voice for the kids, this generation is very aware of so many things so early on and I think we should lead by example to make the world better.

You were born in California, but you have Latin, Cuban and Mexican roots. We believe that cultural mixes are the best, especially in the artistic field. How do you think your cultural bases influence your music?

I’ve been blessed to grow up in both cultures as well as experiencing many others, I try to honor as many cultures as I can to bring a space of harmony and beauty within diversity. I don’t see myself following any cultural patterns necessarily, but I definitely honor who I am throughout my work, I just see myself as a citizen of the earth.

Have you always wanted to be a singer? Did you have different dreams when you were a child?

Music has always played a key role in my life, I used to write silly songs as a kid and loved doing that, but I didn’t exactly believe in myself enough when I was younger to be able to say that that’s what I wanted to do when I grew up. The things I was super interested in when I was a kid were things I thought would help the world or other beings. I used to want to be a vet, scientist, inventor, farmer, all these things because I just wanted to create good for others sharing this earth. I really confirmed that this is what I wanted to do later on in my life around high school when I broke out of my shell a little more and gave myself the space to grow and create.

2021 marks the release of your first single, “HYPOTHERMIA”, but also your official entry into this world. How did you experience the process? Was this life change something explosive or more something you naturally found yourself in?

It was definitely a blend of both, it’s very interesting to see your art growing and having people who know nothing about you enjoy and connect to what you’ve made. It’s been a very special feeling and experience, almost dreamlike, I’d say so. it’s still settling in even now as I take in every continuing moment with gratitude.

Apparently, you are, like everyone here at Latest, a great lover of nature. Follow philanthropic initiatives such as the World Life Fund, 8 Billion Trees and The Orangutan Project. Do you want to tell us about these? What struck you about these projects?

Yes, I donate to the World Wildlife Fund, 8 Billion Trees and the Orangutan projects. In my life path, I’ve spent a lot of time learning about our impact on the world, animals, the environment and these three to the best of my knowledge protect the earth and its species in different areas of the world. I know the World Wildlife Fund contributes to conservation projects, protects certain areas of wildlife in Kenya and Tanzania etc. and the 8 Billion Trees project has the initiative of restoring our Forrest’s from how much we use for paper, toilet paper, animal agriculture etc. It’s crazy how consuming meat has such a disastrous impact on so many other species and the Amazon etc. It really breaks my heart to the point of almost feeling insane at times for doing so much when most of the world is doing nothing. Finally, the Orangutan project protects orangutan habitats which are being constantly destroyed for palm oil, which is used in way too many products, pushing them closer and closer to extinction. I see all living creatures as critical to the harmony of the planet because they are all teachers, and without them humans can also fall further and further into oblivion.

How do you live your relationship with fans and social media? Do you try to keep a certain distance from your private life, or do you like to interact a lot?

I wish I was on social media more. I try to force myself to be and I feel like my followers/fans and I have a very nice dynamic, I love reading what they have to say and giving them a like to let them know I acknowledge their beautiful words and it means a lot to me knowing there’s people who enjoy seeing me or reading my captions sticking along this journey with me for who I am. ❤️

And in your free time from music?

I love to learn so if it’s learning to crochet, how to hoola hoop better, or new recipes, listening to podcasts on how to further evolve, herbology, etc. Anything that really sparks my attention I’ll just spend my time learning.

What would you recommend to you in ten years?

To remember that this version of me might dissolve with time but that just as I’m doing now, I appreciate being honored and loved as my future self emerges, to always lead with love and to help people remember who they are, and if nothing else matters, it’s best to be known by the frequency you hold.


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