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All the brands in love with faux furs

All the brands in love with faux furs

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Trends come and go and often come back again after some times, awakening the interest of the youngest, that eventually turn to grandparents’ closets in order to find some cool pieces to re-style in a modern key. Thrift shopping and vintage shops are a huge trend among Millennials, who also love very much fur coats and details. Symbol of wealth and power, fur made is come back after a decline moment, also thanks to Vogue US’ director Anna Wintour, and it is still perceived as a

luxury garment, even though it goes down to the street and it is usually matched with jeans and sneakers. Mix and match is today the best way to style, we know that. Not only to be worn in winter as a protection for freezing temperatures – need we’ve lost times ago anyways – fur is a very appreciated ornament, which jump through seasons and become wearable in summer as well, as a

edging for shoes and bags. Fashion today is a creative activity as never before, which is completely untied to climatic, social or conventional demands.


Prada fall19 Photo Armando Grillo

If it’s true modern trendsetters love fur, it is also very true they finally have more ethical issues to take account of than the generation before. Modern consumers require to their favorite brands to be as clear and transparent as they can, to be sustainable and respectful – of workers and animals in the same way. Sustainability is luckily not a passing trend but it is going to mark fashion production deeply in the following years from now. Eco-friendly mentality is slowly affecting the entire society and it has already made huge progresses thanks to younger generations which are the game-changers.

The question is then obvious: how does the love for fur get along with the ecological issues and demands of consumers?


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Because, we all know it, fur is not eco-friendly at all. The real one is not eco-friendly for very simple reasons, but neither the fake ones are.


Gucci fw19-20 | ph. Filippo Fior & Armando Grillo

Animals’ living conditions inside fur-farms is well know by the public opinion: foxes, ermines, minks and so on don’t have to live in good condition to develop a good fur, which does not suffer from malnutrition or bad hygienic conditions and requires specific way of kill. Farms want the highest profit at the minimum investment. Also, fur’s production is one of the most polluting sector ever, because of production gas and very dangerous solutions used to dye and treat the fur. There’s little to say about it, and fur’s fans can’t simply enumerate the positive sides of using animal products, pretending this is an acceptable solution. Real fur usually last longer and consumers care about them because of their very high price; also, once they are discarded they are easily biodegradable. This is all true but, as we said before, the level of pollution created by fur industry is remarkable high.


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