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AltaRoma: all the news from Rome for FW20/21

AltaRoma: all the news from Rome for FW20/21

Altaroma ended last Sunday 27th of January. The calendar was tightened and inspirations have been countless. Not only thanks to the runways, but also for the events and exhibitions that have been organized around the Eternal City.

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Particularly prolific, as ususal, the Fashion Hub 4.0, an exhibition space with live shows and personalized jewelry production that this year opened its space for a creative dialogue on biomaterials and wearable technology. Along with this, visitors had the opportunity to sit at The Artist’s Table for a workshop with expert craftsmen. The opportunity was priceless and revealed the heart of fashion in Rome and Italy in general, which still resides in craftsmanship, and consequent excellence, of the production.

Among the collections a common fil rouge unfolds, starting right from the artisan tradition of Italian fashion and reaching out towards the future. Between the arrival point and the departure point there is the image of the woman of the future, strong, ready fro challenges and  to travel. There is gender equality. There is, above all, a code of ethics greener than ever, which is mainly based on creative recycling and reinvention.

Sabrina Persechino got indeed inspired by the constant exchange between past and future, so peculiar of Italy. The collection owes its name and its spirit to Tellenae, a Roman city whose archaeological site remains unknown. Her woman is also a princess, but she is a warrior princess.

The outfits are inspired by the geometries of the ancient Roman cities, their plan divided strictly into squares and the warrior camps always ready to conquer. It is a representation we like for the woman of tomorrow. However, there is sensuality as well, which never leaves Persechino’s woman.

Sensuality is the absolute protagonist of the Giada Curti collection. Taken from the film L’Amante, by Jean-Jacques Annaud, it recreates all the shadowy magic of Indochina and is, in the words of the designer herself “an ode to femininity, to the elegance of each of us, impalpable refined, like the protagonist of the film”. The clothes are beautiful and elegant, the precious fabrics and the colors so bright but at the same time delicate, which make us dream about those distant landscape, whose magic resides in balance.

Ginevra Odescalchi has instead decided to take the opposite direction and to look at herself and her inner world for the FW20/21 collection.

The collection is a symphony of black and white, that alternates with panels and creates interesting geometries. They are all very clean outfits, but have a special touch, which also comes from the details: the necklines, the cuts, the embroidery. Nothing exaggerated, but a spark that can make the whole interesting.

Words by Giulia Greco

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