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Altuzarra embraces upcycling with the new Re-crafted collection

Altuzarra embraces upcycling with the new Re-crafted collection

Joseph Altuzarra confirms his interest in safeguarding the planet with a new selection of up-cycled pieces. The collection was called Re-Crafted. There were used silk fabrics woven together, recycled from past collections. They now form amazing color textures. The result is effortless elegance, absolutely Altuzarra.

On the brand’s website, in the Re-Crafted section we find tops, skirts, bags, masks and home suits. There are also gorgeous floral and tie dye prints. Iconic pieces were then created exclusively for NET-A-PORTER.

If some of the tie dye prints in this collection seem familiar to you, you may be reminiscent of Altuzarra’s year-ago partnership with Etsy. Even then Joseph tried to fight waste. They created household items with fabrics from past collections – he’s crazy about interior design. The very successful collection saw the collaboration with 8 artisans from all over the world.

We reiterate the importance of upcycling over simple recycling. Recycling is certainly important as waste is used to produce a new object. Upcycling, on the other hand, requires the new object to be of greater value than the previous object or material. In this way, moreover, recycling processes are avoided which in any case have an environmental cost, even if lower than normal production.

all images courtesy of Altuzarra


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