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An Artificial Dream: the new webcover of the month with Lulu Motta

An Artificial Dream: the new webcover of the month with Lulu Motta

Her fashion career started quite early, at the age of 17, and hasn’t stopped since. Lulu Motta loves meeting new people and learning new things, and so she has a great time during her countless photo shoots between travels and new teams. She loves to read in her spare time, but if you want to find out her beauty secrets or know what she thinks about social media, you have to read this exclusive interview!

Production Daniele Carettoni at Espresso Productions
Photography Caleb & Gladys
Model Lulu Motta at Wanted Management
Style Odile Iturraspe at Imaj Artists 
Makeup Sang Le
Hair Style Ty Shearn at The South James Agency
AI Art CoffeeVectors

What was your life like before starting a modeling career and what plans did you have?

I used to work in a bank and study at nights, A very normal and calm life in my home town.

As for your work, how did your journey in fashion begin and what do you appreciate most about this environment?

it started when I was 17 years old, and literally a guy saw me and said that I should be working in the industry, I did my first magazine in my city, and then went to a model agency in the capital of my country. What I like the most about the industry is having the opportunity to work with artistic people, from many different cultures ideals, and areas. I love to connect with people.

Your social media fan base is growing a lot. How do you feel about “influencing” the new generations? It’s a big responsibility, isn’t it?

Sometimes it happens to me that some girls come to me and say that they admire me, and I get surprise, then I remember how powerful social media is, so I always try to impact positively as much as I can!

What relationship do you have with this world?

I feel comfortable in my social media, I feel people that follows me really like me, they make me feel comfortable of sharing my thoughts, my work, pages I like, I thing I don’t usually have haters and I love that people feel connected with me. Mostly women and girls.

How do you normally shop? Do you prefer, like many young people today, online shopping? What are your favorite e-commerce sites?

It’s fascinating how now if you see something and you like it, only with a click, you can get it. I love to shop online, but sometimes I enjoy going shopping with my friends.

My favorite pages to shop online are Farfetch, Amazon, some stores on Instagram and I love buying books for my kindle!

You have worked for many magazines. What is your favorite thing about the creative process during filming?

I love how important is a team work, everyone is essential in a shooting. It’s completely a team work, you have to connect with each one and create a synergy to have a good Result. And when final result is amazing I feel really filled and happy.

After so many shootings, is there any special memory? Any funny anecdote?

I have a lot! Modeling made me do things I never imagined I would do. Like climbing in huge hot air balloon I a wedding dress on the beach or working with animals which I used to be very scared of.

Speaking of personal care: we want to know everything from your beauty routine to how often you go to the gym!

I go around five days a week, and rotate gym with an academy of functional work. I also try to do other sports like climbing, hiking or hiking on weekends.

What about your passions in your free time?

I love to learn new things. In books, with people, or studying something, new sports, new anything, my passion is keep on learning in life!


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