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An explosive start: interview with the young singer MAR

An explosive start: interview with the young singer MAR

We can say “an explosive start”! We talked to the young singer MAR, who drove social media crazy with her first single “Quedaté” in June and is now preparing to do the same with her second single “Calavera” just out. This talented artist was born in the United States but she has strong Latin blood running through her veins, with a Mexican father and a Cuban mother. In her life she has already trod hundreds of stages together with her father, the singer Marco Antonio Solís, and now she runs great as a soloist, with a great career on the rise. She has recently already opened to two famous artists, let’s see which ones and what MAR has to tell us about her future projects!

In June your first single “Quedaté” was released, and the music video got 5 million views in just one month! You must be excited, how are you experiencing this explosive career start? 

I am so deeply grateful for how many people have embraced this song! You never really know how people are going to react to what you do and with this being my first single, I am so excited to have this momentum that the experience has fueled me with! 

You opened to the Danny Ocean show on August 17th, but also to Luis Fonsi, the lead singer of “Despacito”. Crazy, do you have fun memories to share with us?

These were the first two shows that I preformed solo since I was a kid and my first time as an opener! When were in the Dominican Republic, we saw people with signs that had my name and my singles name on them; it was absolutely incredible! Those shows truly left such an enormous imprint on my heart, forever etching them as some of the best nights ever! As for crazy moments, there were a lot of sound imbalances when I opened for Danny Ocean, and it was the first time that I had to move through a performance like that, but it was a great learning experience, and I genuinely had such an incredible time. Plus, I love Danny Ocean and stayed to watch his show, which was so beautiful! 

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What was it like being on stage the first real time? Were there any difficulties or emotions that you did not expect?

It all felt like a dream; it was such a special experience. Surprisingly, I really held it together! I didn’t feel nervous & I felt extremely empowered getting a tiny glimpse of what I’ll be doing forever! I love to see and feel my personal growth as an artist throughout every performance on my own!

Your second single has just been released, “CALAVERA”, do you want to tell us about the release and your new song?

This song is an empowering song for the girls! We may stumble every now and then, but we always bounce back. 

You have also participated in numerous fashion shows, are there any brands or designers in particular that you think represent you, about their style and your?

I adore For Love and Lemons, L’Academie, Bronx and Banco, Cult Gaia, & Mugler! I really identify with these brands and the way their creations accentuate feminine beauty.


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