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“Aquarium” editorial

“Aquarium” editorial

Embark on a visionary journey within the living canvas of the ‘Aquarium’ inspired by the enigma and darkness of the deep waters.
Photographer Olesya Parfenyuk invites you to venture beneath the surface where every frame unveils the mysterious allure of an artificial underwater world.
From the depths of imagination to the ethereal dance of light and shadow, the collaboration brings to life a captivating tale of wonder.

Preview from S/S 2024 issue

Art Direction, Production & Photography Olesya Parfenyuk Set Design Kiara Gourlay
Light Janice Kei
Style Emika Ohta Seger
Makeup Dasha Taivas
Hair Style Jacqueline Ezeuko
Models Heloísa Serafim c/o Wilhelmina LDN & Kiana c/o Kev Mgmt NY
Style Assistance Kim Chow, Catherine Rasanto


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