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Architecture of the future? Is Green, and visionary

Architecture of the future? Is Green, and visionary

The line between dream and reality gets thinner and thinner

Preview from December issue #15


Climate change, rising sea levels and emissions of CO2 are issues that are being discussed every day and that represent the greatest challenge that humanity has ever faced to try to reverse the course on which it set its evolution.

Nautilus eco resort Philippine | courtesy of Vincent Callebaut

Bosco Verticale, Milano | courtesy of

The threat of entire ecosystems disappearing, the continuous and unheard alarms coming from the Earth itself and the migrations of entire people are worrying and require immediate solutions on different levels, be these social, cultural or economic. Thus, the implementation of a sustainable life model ceases to concern only few industries but becomes a common responsibility.

Hydrogenase project | courtesy of Vincent Callebaut

In this order of ideas, are exemplary the first steps taken by the world of architecture in conceiving sustainable urban spaces, that are respectful of the environment and that can be adequate for the future generation, which not by chance, is the one that is asking for decisive action and not only for words or plans with an expiration date.

The terms most used to describe this commitment are different, but they all share the same purpose. Indeed, we are talking about bio-architecture, an architecture that presupposes an ecologically conscious action with full respect for ecosystems, or even about green architecture, which limits energy waste by implementing more sustainable tools and considering the long-term impact of the buildings that are created. Latest team has selected some noteworthy projects that are defining the arduous path towards a long-term sustainable future, spacing through absolutely creative and futuristic ideas, to more immediate and practical solutions to be implemented.

Preview from December issue #15


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