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Armani Cruise 2020: show in Tokyo

Armani Cruise 2020: show in Tokyo

all images here courtesy Salvatore Dragone/

The Cruise Collection 2020 by Armani showed in Tokyo, at the Hyokeikan Museum’s building, on the 27th of May. It was the first Cruise collection of Armani and put together manswear and womenswear. The inspiration come from Japan and its peculiar culture: an island that, even though lives in a globalized world, protects itself and its tradition, balancing the past and the future in a splendid dialogue. In the same way Giorgio Armani stays true to his own aesthetic, still being modern and up to date, even without following any passing trends.

The collection presents very elegant garments, in shapes and materials. Colors are inspired by the insular landscape of Japan – not by chance the collection’s name is “Insular”: deep blue, sand and earth tones, with a final red touch. Lines are soft and loose.

Details are responsible of the moves: suspenders, maxi necklace and earrings turtle pattern and rigid hat. Final evening dresses are precious thank to jacquard fabrics.

words by Giulia Greco

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