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Armani Privé fall winter 2021/22: brightness is hope

Armani Privé fall winter 2021/22: brightness is hope

We are heading for the light, and not for the End. “Shine” is the title of this Armani Privé couture collection fall / winter 2021/22. The theme of light is something that, according to Giorgio Armani, can psychologically help us overcome the misfortunes of life. And God only knows how much darkness we have been able to see in the past year. “There is a desire for light after the shadow that has fallen on the world”, said the designer at the end of the show and, watching his looks, we are absolutely sure we would like some of his brightness for ourselves.

The show took place at the Italian embassy in Paris, two years after the last presentation in the same venue. A noteworthy return in attendance, thinking about the front row which was also attended by Laura Matteralla, visiting Paris with her father Sergio. Apparently, Sergio and Giorgio also met and “talked about fashion without talking about fashion”. Surely Armani, an indisputable example of Italian fashion in the world, has been able to remind our President of the Republic of the importance that this profession has not only culturally, but also economically.

Talking about garments, the Chromatic Palette ranges from the usual – timeless – chewed colors to others that are totally gaudy. We can add that only Armani manages to use electric blue or fuchsia in a dress and still make it timelessly elegant. It is his gift. Everything he does is for women who are born Ladies, of all ages.

Beyond the colors, fabrics themselves are the protagonists, thanks to the brilliant textures that create incredible light effects in the dazzled viewer. Surely a collection in which the importance of the “live” becomes indispensable. And, fortunately, technology comes to our aid with the recorded videos of the show, where you can see how incredible the effect of the movement of these garments is. The photos, as beautiful as they are, in this case do not do enough justice.

A collection that spreads the Hope word from every pore, as they say. We all hope that the future will be as bright as King Giorgio sees.


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