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Balenciaga Fall 2021

Balenciaga Fall 2021

If the Balenciaga Resort collection seemed at the forefront of fashion shows, with the garments displayed on a digital technical sheet from which to observe the details of their manufacture, in this Fall 2021 collection Demna Gvasalia returns to amaze us.

The Age of Tomorrow perfectly declines the darkness of our time, bringing elements of medieval inspiration in a future that seems dystopian and uncertain. The video game is the new catwalk, the avatars are the new models, flowing at the click of the mouse just like when you select a virtual character before playing the game. 

courtesy of Balenciaga

You move through a guided path in what looks like a virtual boutique, where through the commands of the video game you browse the garments flaunted by the avatars standing still, with an absorbed expression or distracted by the mobile phone.

The clothes are the result of a balanced combination of modernity and antiquity, peculiar is the armour in chivalric style, combined with space backpacks signed by NASA and oversized coats and sweatshirts; to make them look even more futuristic and visually disturbing there are the maxi glasses with blue and red shades.

The wearability of the garments definitely stands in the background compared to a more philosophical consideration Gvasalia inspires us with. With this collection in mind, the designer’s will to explore the known boundaries of fashion appears clear, its versatility and the ability to narrate the contemporary through it, no matter how uncomfortable, as long as it is real. 

If nowadays the digital format is the most obvious tool through which to promote the collections, the message of Balenciaga contained in it is undoubtedly original and powerful in its dystopian traits.


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