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Beauty Products for Spring Summer? The answer is Fruit Power

Beauty Products for Spring Summer? The answer is Fruit Power

You may already know that nature is fundamental, to us. This is also and, above all, true for beauty and skincare: creams, serums, tonics but also foundations, lipsticks and mascara are the foods of our skin, which absorbs the products and nourishes itself every day. Why not start from the table and think of our skin as a part of us to be satiated? Like every good diet, it is better to prefer natural and nutritious products, and this is where fruit comes into play!

Fruit is not only an ally of our alimentary regime but, precisely because of its characteristics, it can become the best friend of the skin too. It is rich in water but also in vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Each fruit has its peculiarities and, if correctly implemented in the beauty routine, it can act on our weak points giving great results. Many cosmetic companies are using more and more fruit in their recipes, and this is good for both us and the environment.

Preview from S/S 2021 issue

Photography Weronika Kosińska | Model Ola c/o X Management
Hair Style, Makeup Kasia Olkowska using Iossi, Glossier, Miya Cosmetics, Kosas12

This spring, we will take from fruit not only the precious nutrients but also the colour palette.
While the skin remains as natural as possible, intense colours light up our eyes. It is the charm of the crazy and fun 80s, but it is also the effect of teenage drama like Euphoria, which has made makeup a means of expression like no others, made to amaze and have fun rather than to improve one’s appearance. In addition to pastel-coloured eyeliner, you can play with eye shadows and create intense colour blocks on the lids. Nail polishes and lipsticks become richer too.


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