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Beauty Products for this fall/winter? The answer is Gender Less

Beauty Products for this fall/winter? The answer is Gender Less

Our beloved fashionistas already know that beauty rituals are not just for women. On the contrary. And finally the brands have understood this great need to put products on the market that are created and suitable for both sexes, genderless. In short, skin is skin.

Until recently, it was thought that there were substantial hormonal differences between men and women, and therefore the products had to be different. We have learned in recent years that this is not so true. There are no male or female skin types. There are oily, dry and combination skins. Delicate and not delicate. These are just the principles to be based on when looking for a product to buy. Whether you are a man or a woman.

Furthermore, the growing need of many people not to feel pigeonholed into a specific sexuality has made gender less an imperative, even in the beauty sector.

Preview from FW 2021 / ’22 issue

Photography Elena Kuznetsova
Style Edgar Balseca Almagor
Model Luca Suss c/o Scout Model Agency
Hair Style, Makeup Nina Tatavitto
Floral design Jocelyne “Pivone et Piment Rouge”


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