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Beauty sector on the rise? The “skin immunity”

Beauty sector on the rise? The “skin immunity”

Pandemic spares no one, the beauty industry included. During 2020, sales dropped suddenly and some products have been hit harder than others – the perfume industry for instance, due to the absence of social gatherings nearly disappeared from our wishlist, and we are not sure when it is going to come back. The exception that proves the rule is, in this particular case, the dermocosmetic industry and, in particular, the so-called “skin immunity”.

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Our immune system is all around our body, in the skin too, and to adopt the right products, with the right ingredients, in the right routine can not simply protect our epidermis but boost our resistance to illnesses too. Beauty products are not part of our make-up anymore, to be used on special occasions and to target specific imperfections. They have rather become true allies of wellness. We want our creams, serum, exfoliants and co. to have specific characteristics, which allow them to act on our skin from within, bettering it in the long term. Beauty products nearly reach the same shelves of medical devices because their goal is not aesthetic anymore, but of prevention.

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According to professionals, the ingredient to look for is amino acids: they are definitely on our list of good propositions for the new year. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they are absolutely essential to the good functioning of our body and to the much needed cellular regeneration. There are no doubts they can be beneficial to our skin as well. They help with hydration and protection through antioxidants, but also stimulate collagen and cellular reproduction.

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The (very visible) result is much healthier skin, smooth, bright and especially strong. If you feel overwhelmed by these technical details, do not despair. You just need to look at the ingredients next time you purchase a face cream. Look for these names and it’s done: arginine, lysine, histidine, glycine and leucine.

A good selection of (very) good amino-acids-enriched products: 

  1. A complete solution, able to offer you the complete set, is Amino Acids + B5 formula by The Ordinary – which is well known for its chemist-based approach. Mixed with your usual cream can really make the difference.
  2. Arginine: Lixirskin gives us the ultimate cream for our body – yes, the whole body! It’s formula is based on water, which is the most important element against skin damage and aging, but it is also the hardest to retain. The Universal Emulsion is made of few elements, among which Arginine, which is great to repair damaged skin.  
  3. Histidine: Super Amino Gel Cleanser by Summer Friday has a good percentage of histidine (together with other important amino acids): it can definitely help our skin to look and to feel better, plus this amino acid is great to protect the skin against pollution and other harmful substances. 
  4. Lysine: The night cream of our dreams is the Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser by Aurelia, specialized in probiotic skincare. It contains lysine, able to strengthen the skin surface.
  5. Leucine and glycine: To reduce wrinkles and fine lines leucine and glycine are just great. The Vitamin Nectar Glow Face Mask by Fresh contains both and it looks amazingly yummy. 
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