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“Beyond the Binary” editorial

“Beyond the Binary” editorial

We celebrate beauty as we desire it here: inclusive, fun, liberating. Where you are allowed to truly express yourself. You can experiment and go wild, show the world your true creative expression. Blurring the boundaries between male and female form, mixing male and female energies. Each image creates a unique story. We move from our self-constructed binary, which is harming so many people around the world, to a world of imagination and freedom, until gender no longer exists. And then everyone will have the right to live as they want and be as eccentric as they want. Each image here celebrates a unique story of our two energies and beauty beyond the binary.

Preview from F/W 2023 / ’24 issue

Photography (she|her) Eva Schwank c/o 7AM

Photography Assistance (she|her) Ashley Ross Style (she|her) Kelly Peters
Style Assistance (she|her) Johnny Duarte

Models DaJohn (they|them) c/o Zebedee Talent Emma Heedles (she|her|they|them)
Atha (they|them) c/o Stars Management Nathan (he|him) c/o Stars Management

Hair Style (he|him) Kien Hoang
Hair Style Assistance Plamena Todorova & Diana Garcia

Hair Style Braids (she|her) Deanna Reyes

Makeup (she|her) Audra Langley

Set Design (she|her) Pakayla Rae Biehn


"more than a fashion magazine"



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