“Boat Love” webitorial

The pirates were afraid of the sea, and did not even know how to swim, they say. Yet their bond, and respect for it was impossible to deny.
If we were to explain man’s pure love for the sea, we would find a thousand points for reflection. The sea attracts us as a source of life, a submerged and mysterious world of which we cannot be part, and of which we are all part with water, since the dawn of time.
A world that appears dark and silent from above, to us, and in reality it is quite the opposite. Absolutely noisy, and with vivid and bright colors rarely seen on land.
“We must go beyond the surface”, we say when we advise someone not to be deceived by appearances, reality is often different from how it appears. There has never been a better example

Photography Xavier Carpio
Style Carlos Olivares
Models Felix Aderhold c/o Sight Management Studio
and Gerard Salla c/o Trend Model Management


"more than a fashion magazine"



LATEST S.R.L.S. | P.IVA - CF 15126391000 | REA Roma RM-1569553

Emilio Praga 35 street, 00137 Rome, Italy | +39 351 8463006


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