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“Break & Remake 2021” the multi-brand exhibition in Milan

“Break & Remake 2021” the multi-brand exhibition in Milan

About a month after the YESE As Seen By exhibition, the Art Luxury srl (ALPR) delights us with another exhibition during Milan fashion week, taking advantage of one of the best moments of the year to give exposure to new emerging brands in the city.

Break & Remake, theme created by the ALPR team, talks about rupture and rebirth. Positivism therefore: image of a post-pandemic future in which we will create a new, better reality, completely innovative and with new rules. Not just a breath of fresh air, but a real tornado that sweeps away the mistakes made to make room for a better business. Let’s start from inclusive, sustainable and, why not, young and fun bases.

The event, which started on February 25th and will last until March 11th, celebrates the essential connection between fashion and art. The location was in fact set up in four areas for emerging artists who are performing and creating installations – including for example Giacomo Prencipe, contemporary dancer and choreographer. These corners are attended by fashion brands such as Pasotti Ombrelli since 1956, Christopher Raxxy, 0711 Tsiblisi, Gagà Milano, YESE STUDIO, Coco D’Este, Calchera, EEKIKS, MySOS, Barbara Milano. By appointment it is possible for fashion operators to have a collections’ presentation present in showroom.

The first corner talks about Chinese culture and traditions, in which two female artists participate: Whiteteeth with her themed illustrations such as landscapes and phoenixes and the Argentine Caterina Pezoa, defined as “strong and flexible like a bamboo”.

The fashion brand present here is the Chinese Christopher Raxxy, a new one including new generation luxury down jackets, which makes its debut in Italy and amazes us with its creativity, making even the most reluctant to sport style change their minds.

In the second corner we find the illustrator and sculptor Federico Montaresi who is working on making fashion brands stand out with his art. This second corner represents the break part of the event, and therefore the break with the past. Here we have GaGà Milano, a brand of eccentric and unconventional watches and EEKIKS, a streetwear clothing and accessories brand for young and determined audiences.

The third corner is the one dedicated to the Rebirth. This area is curated by the designer, photographer and illustrator Mengdi Xu and her floral installations. Here we know 0711 Tbilisi, a brand that comes directly from Georgia and shows us the local craftsmanship with its delicious hyper-feminine bags. Founded by Nino Eliava and Ana Mokia, the brand has already produced a piece with pearls that has been called the next it-bag by Vogue. Near this corner we find other fantastic brands such as Calchera, Barbara Milano, Coco D’Este e MySOS.

The fourth corner represents a bit of the positive future we hope for. After the break with the old and the creation of new business models, we will finally be ready to reap the fruits of the good work done, and here is that space is decorated with ears of wheat to represent the “good harvest“. Here we have the Pasotti Ombrelli e YESE STUDIO brands. About the latter we have already recently appreciated the fabulous bags in the exhibition dedicated to him by ALPR.


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