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Burberry SS 2022: instinctive as animals teach

Burberry SS 2022: instinctive as animals teach

If we wanted to give a title to this new spring summer 2022 collection by Riccardo Tisci for Burberry, the title could be “down to earth futurist sportsman”. But how do you do something futurist with your feet on the ground, you will tell me. Look at the collection and tell me if it’s not possible.

There are all the elements for the sci fi style: linear and unexpected cuts, particular openings on pants and tops, tight rompers, long fringes and weaves. Yet each look gives the idea of being absolutely wearable. Never excessive.

courtesy of Burberry

About a week ago we saw on the cover of DSection magazine a photo of Riccardo Tisci, holding a small fawn in his arms and with fake deer ears. The same ears that we have found on the models during the show. Another element that, together with the clothes, makes us think of a Star Wars episode. “We were born of animals. We have a very tense animal instinct when we feel happiness, depression or sadness,” said Tisci. Animals, as we know, show their sensations with the position of their ears. In addition to them, many hats give a multiple view, on the one side they may look like crowns and on another side hoods with ears.

Instinct, predominant in animals, is also recalled by the sensual mood of many looks. Trench that literally lacks the back, high heels, veils and stretch jumpsuits that wrap the shapes. Sensuality is a trend that we have seen in many other collections; that was to be expected after the closure we were subjected to and we can say we don’t mind at all.

And after talking about instinct, which guides the actions of animals, the step to get to the spontaneous actions of children is short. Thus, Riccardo Tisci created these wonderful prints with colorful spots motifs (some look like butterfly wings), defining them as “when children put color between two pages and open them”. Many trench coats also have built-in capes that make you think of princess stories. We therefore hope to look to the near future as Burberry suggests: with sensuality, instinct and wonder for the wonderful planet on which we have the privilege of living.


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