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Chloé Ready-to-Wear SS22

Chloé Ready-to-Wear SS22

Gabriela Hearst returns with her Chloé collection spring-summer 2022, presented at Quai de la Tournelle on the banks of the Seine in Paris.

For the creation of the new collection, the designer said she was inspired by love. “It’s really about the love of so many things: the love of craft, the love of friendship, the love of fellow humans. I literally have to memorize how many different NGOs, because I am working with so many this season.”

Consisting of 31 looks, the collection expresses all the bohemian spirit of the designer; caftans, ponchos, long and soft dresses, which respond perfectly to Chloé’s identity.

The difference from the past, is not so much in the style but rather in the new way of doing things. New supply chains, the insistence on the traceability of raw materials, in essence, a new way of doing more sustainable and aware collections.

Further evidence of this new current of thought (and actions) is the fact that all products considered more “luxury” of the brand, today fall into the category Chloé Craft, meaning that “only a human hand can make those pieces”.

And so, traces of humanity are clearly perceived in many dresses from this spring-summer collection, such as the petal-patterned crocheted dress; or even pieces made with scrap materials from previous seasons, this time hand-woven with a technique first developed by Akanjo, a social enterprise in Madagascar.

The dominant material is linen instead of cotton, and the colour palette travels between soft shades of cream, and darker shades of indigo, to arrive at flashes of brighter colors.

Even the accessories and shoes perpetuate the sustainable intention of Hearst; the new flip-flop shoes are the result of a collaboration with Ocean Salt, the Kenyan non-profit organization, with which the designer wanted to work for a long time.


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