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Christian Dior Resort 2022: the freedom of movement

Christian Dior Resort 2022: the freedom of movement

The fascination for the world of sportswear and for dress intended as a way for freedom, have inspired Maria Grazia Chiuri in the creation of the collection Resort 2022. Set in Athens, in the Panathenaic Stadium, Chiuri’s collection celebrates the art of movement, the freedom that derives from it, in stark contrast to the restrictions suffered in recent times.

White is the dominant color, a clear reference to the classic statues, which once again inspire the designer in the evolution of the silhouettes; they represent the combination of sporty inflections and the craftmanship of haute couture that distinguishes the Maison.

White is also the way to pay homage to Marlene Dietrich, immortalized in an old photograph while wearing the white dress of Leda, the famous character of Greek mythology. The iconic Bar Jacket is deconstructed here, interpreted in a more functional and modern way, practical for everyday challenges.

Chiuri has skillfully succeeded in conveying the new needs of the modern world, enriching with sporting details the silhouette of couture mold; this is demonstrated by the long pepli -now a classic piece in her collections- conveyed in a more dynamic and plastic ways with the oversized sneakers at the feet.

As often happens in her collections, the designer has collaborated with local artisan communities, enriching the garments with anthropologically unique details; indeed, the embroidery of tailor Aristeidis Tzonevraki appears on a Book Tote and a Bar Jacket.

Regarding the location, Chiuri commented: “Everybody thinks of Greece and Italy in terms of holidays… But our research was really big in terms of the history of Greece. We worked to show how important this time was, not least for the 20th century”.

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