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“Daniel Chinchilla: the celebrities’ makeup artist”

“Daniel Chinchilla: the celebrities’ makeup artist”

Daniel Chinchilla is very well known around the globe for his makeup. He had the chance to work with many celebrities (Ariana Grande is his spearhead) and to be featured in magazines and TV shows, all of this without losing his personal, flawless touch. We just love how his makeup is glamorous and chic at the same time and we wanted to know more about his philosophy. Which is “keep it simple”. According to Daniel, taking care of our natural beauty is the only way to shine on every occasion – and to stay true to ourselves. Immaculate skin and “fluffy” browns are a must.

Read the interview and discover more about Daniel Chinchilla!

All images here via Instagram, courtesy @chinchilla

Daniel Chinchilla, Your name is now everywhere, not only because of Ariana Grande. Your ability, when it comes to makeup, is brilliant. How did You start and why?

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I started makeup when I was 19. Honestly, it just looked like Fun and I needed a job. I fell in love with it though. I loved how I was able to make people feel. I quickly knew that it was what I wanted to pursue. A year later I moved to LA to do just that. 

How is the process behind Your work? How important are the personal features of Your clients – like hair colour, skin type, bones’ shapes etc – How do You decide what’s the best makeup to improve their appearance? Peoples features are extremely important when I’m applying makeup. What looks good on someone may not look the best on another. I definitely cater the makeup to my clients face and features. I love to enhance people’s best features and so I study their face before I begin. I love using complementary colors to enhance ones eye. It’s about knowing what tones will look best, and then being creative. 

Ariana Grande x Givenchy, courtesy @chinchilla

Your work is much less exaggerated than some makeup we see around, like it seems You want to keep it simple, especially for everyday life. Why? You like to be countercurrent?

I’m so happy that you notice! Well, not that there is anything wrong with this, but I feel like nowadays people follow the trends. Although I love them, the most important thing to me is making my client look their best. So it’s not that I’m trying to be countercurrent, it’s just that I’m making my clients look their best. If you do that, you will always win them over. Most people don’t want exaggerated makeup. 

But we saw Your halloween’s masterpiece some nights ago, incredible! Do You like go wild sometimes and create beautiful and extravagant makeup? Have fun, beyond work. I love having fun with makeup and going “crazy” haha. But my idea of crazy makeup is lots of highlight, gorgeous skin, and some pops of color on the lips and eyes. It’s what is most exciting to me.

It’s not all about makeup, skin must be pampered every day and night to have always a good base where to start, isn’t it? Skin is the most important I think. Without a good canvas makeup won’t look its best. I find that If the skin is good, you don’t even have to apply as much makeup and you can easily achieve the “no makeup look”

Browns are right now on trend and we really want to know how to gain the perfect ones! In my opinion, perfect brows are ones that aren’t over done. They are soft and fluffy.  I always accentuate the tails of the brows and keep the inner parts softer. I love undone brows that don’t look overdrawn. 

I’m pretty new in the field, which means i don’t usually wear lots of make up, mainly because I’m not able to make it properly: what do You suggest for beginners? For beginners, I’d suggest keeping it simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself with 100 products. Get yourself a great concealer, mascara, blush, and a lip. Once you’ve gotten comfortable, you can start to add more products into your routine if you’d like. 

You have many tattoos: are they a sort of decorative feature as much as makeup? Yes. I feel like tattoos are like makeup for me. They help me express myself and decorate myself haha. They are fun and they make me feel good. I feel like makeup does the same for others. 

How much do You stay true to Yourself and how much You follow trends? Do You have any signature feature? I follow trends but make them my own. Make them more natural and wearable. I feel like a lot of trends are very exaggerated which is fine but most people can’t wear them.  I love to stay true to myself and to do what I think is beautiful. If you follow all the trends you will be just like everyone else. 

Coming to fashion: how do you like it? What’s Your style? How do You shop? I love fashion but I don’t know enough. I’m pretty simple with how I dress. I love black haha. It makes me feel good. I don’t believe that you have to dress a certain way because brands are telling you to. Do what makes you feel good. I say the same thing about makeup. Trends are there to inspire us, but add your own spin on it. 

Words by Giulia Greco

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