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“DayDream: a fairytale by Valentino”

“DayDream: a fairytale by Valentino”

courtesy @pppiccioli via Instagram

When we think about the meaning of fashion, each of us can give different answers. For some it is personal expression, for someone else it is work, for some it is an endless succession of trends, for others it is clothes and what else we should say?

Fashion is something different for each of us, it’s true. But it is almost impossible to remain indifferent to the mastery of some designers, both contemporary and not.

Valentino, and its creative director Pier Paolo Piccioli, are rightly part of the unmistakable list. For them, clothes are never just clothes, colors are never just colors.

courtesy @pppiccioli via Instagram

courtesy @pppiccioli via Instagram

Two days ago, Valentino celebrated the opening of its new flagship store in Beijing and the fashion show, with the two days of events that surrounded it, was a must see, so dense and vibrant that it was almost dramatic. DayDream, the name of the collection, which can be purchased in store and online for a limited time. The Italian Renaissance on the one hand and the Chinese tradition on the other. The opulence and the pomp, the evasion of fairytale and dream worlds in which fabrics change consistency and become liquid and airy and envelop us, in an intangible and intense way together. Piccioli’s mastery of colors is well known, but alongside the usual attributes, the DayDream collection has fascinated us with totally new flavors. Gold and silver, diluted in floral embroidery or in solid colors with precious textures (such as the gloves worn by Adut), pleasantly surprised us. Completely successful expression of the wealth – external and internal – of Chinese culture.

To frame it, the Summer Palace, a place whose charm is difficult to put into words.

courtesy @pppiccioli via Instagram

Next to the dream, therefore, we find culture. Indeed two, very distant but able to communicate. They merge, of course, but remain true to themselves.

And then the work, the manual one, silent, prolonged and passionate. Of designers, tailors and many others, usually hidden but exalted by Piccioli and “brought on stage”, literally. Because the designer’s daydream can eventually come true, once and for all: show to the public fashion for what it is, beyond personal opinions and feelings. Passion and courage, a lot of work, harmony and the ability to imagine possible worlds.

Scroll through the gallery to see the outfits from the show:

Words by Giulia Greco

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