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“Distorted Perception” editorial

“Distorted Perception” editorial

Reality, hidden behind social media, has become distorted. We no longer have the real perception of things, we are losing ourselves behind fake smiles and ostentation. Beauty ideals are completely distorted behind disruptive makeup and contouring. Especially for the very young people this situation is dangerous because it generates a desire to appear, in everyday life, in an impossible way. It is not even a desire, but a belief that you must always be perfect. And we are not just talking about appearance, life and experience are also distorted.

We are shown families where no one is ever tired or nervous or in a bad mood, perfect homes that look like furniture shops. Just think about it for a moment, we all know that this is just a facade. No family is perfect, no face is perfect, no body and no life. Let us start following more real people, and show some side of us that seems imperfect. We start to live more relaxed and enjoy what we have. In most cases, what we have is more than enough to be happy.

Preview from F/W 2023 / ’24 print issue

Photography Ansgar Sollman c/o Openspaceparis

Style Marcella Verweyen

Hair Style, Makeup Andrea Young Using for Hair Oribe & for Makeup Typology Paris & Pat McGrath

Model Ran Zhang c/o Tigers Management


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