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“Done” editorial

“Done” editorial

Not much is known about Vivienne Westwood’s personal life, and the moment of her life that is most usually remembered is linked to the period she least talked about with pleasure, namely the McLaren / Sex Pistols period.

It’s over with McLaren, how badly only Vivienne knows it and the continuation of their story was a dark moment, in which they say she sewed by candlelight. But, in the end, it made her the very strong woman that she became.

Dark times shouldn’t be put under the rug, they should be remembered and celebrated, they make us grow and make us understand what we want to become.

Preview from S/S 2023 issue

Photography Sebastian Vistisen Toft

Art Direction, Style Charmaine Lago

Models: Marcia, Cesilia c/o 96StudioManagement

Kanya c/o Le Management

Makeup, Hair Style Sidsel Marie Bøg

Casting 96StudioManagement

Production 96StudioCreation

Assistance Maggie Wang, Josefine Rosenkilde, Jude Kimuli


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