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Dries Van Noten Ready-to-Wear SS22

Dries Van Noten Ready-to-Wear SS22

Dries Van Noten’s spring-summer 2022 collection is an explosion of color and joy. To inspire the designer, it was precisely the progressive post-pandemic openings.

The garments convey the very essence of fun, lightness and joy, the desire to return to share unforgettable moments and sincere emotions with each other. As the designer said: “we were looking at all these moments when you get out, get with crowds, share emotions and have fun together—whether it’s going to pop or rock festival, going to a dodgy little club or dancing in a discotheque”.

What most inspired Van Noten is Tomorrowland, one of the largest European festivals. Indeed “when you look at all the pictures, some people are completely dressed up, some are in easy clothes, but they’re sharing something. That was what I wanted to play with this collection. Visual fireworks!”

If for the previous collection the designer had celebrated movement as a form of expression of the self, this time, movement is conceived as a feeling of union, which resurfaces in the community. So, fashion now reflects the will to touch the extremes, there are jacquard fabrics, silks, fluffy dresses, others bright, playing with different levels of brightness and color.

Still presented in digital mode, the video was made after three days of filming, by Rafael Pavarotti and Albert Moya. The collection consists of prints, overlays, abstract plots and graphic experiments. Many brightly colored coats – orange, green pea, yellow and shocking pink. The designer definitely knows how to play with volumes, with juxtapositions and the fluidity of silhouettes.

“Is now the time for sad clothes?” Van Noten asked himself. “Or is it that you need something to help you to get through the whole thing? […] personalIy, I think I would prefer do it in clothes like these than in grey and camel and sweatpants.”


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