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“Dust” webcover of the month

“Dust” webcover of the month

What happens when the dust settles?
This is a story about waiting for a moment of calm after a period of uncertainty and change. The yellow dust in the shooting is a representation of that uncertainty. Something very difficult to shake seems to surround you. It sticks to every surface and floats in the very air around you. At first Adhel tries to avoid the dust, balances herself and walks on tiptoe on the set. She tries to insist that things go on as they were before. Over time, she eventually embraces the changed environment. Dust settles on her and a new relationship forms, creating something equally beautiful


Analog Photography Damian Weilers
Art Direction Charlotte Watts
Style Celine Sheridan
Model Adhel Bol c/o Linden Staub
Casting Direction Claudie Layton
Hand Prints by Sarah England

Left: coat SIMONE ROCHA, shirt RAEY, trousers LUNA DEL SPINAL, earrings LAURA LOMBARDI
Right: dress REJINA PYO, earring SOLACE LONDON
Left: dress GANNI, leggings MARNI | Right: dress ROLAND MOURET, earring RELLIK
Left: bra and pants ARAKS, earring OTIUMBERG
Right: dress TOGA, earrings MARNI
Left: dress TOGA, earrings LAURA LOMBARDI
Right:bra and pants ARAKS, earring OTIUMBERG, bracelet MISHO

on main image: blazer SONIA CARRASCO, earrings MISHO


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