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Ebay thrives during the crisis

Ebay thrives during the crisis

Due to recent developments that have seen several retailers around the world being forced to reinvent themselves in order to survive the wave of pandemic crisis, Ebay has seen a consistent surge in the UK, where around 500,000 new companies have created an account on the platform to sell their products and thus emptying the clothing and accessories in stock. According to Ebay UK vice president Rob Hattrell already about 80 brands have registered and many other companies will follow this line.

E-commerce has accelerated considerably in recent months, due to the closure of UK stores from March 23rd. Here, Ebay, which has always been an online platform that hosts many users who want to sell used and non-used products, proves to be a lifeline especially for those small retailers who had recently entered the market and who are the most weighed down by current times.

Among the best-selling products, of course, the medical, protection and personal hygiene ones stand out, followed by household products, children’s games and homemade sports equipment. Activewear has indeed undergone a 50% increase in sales on Ebay. However, the rest of the clothing sector has also seen an increase in recent weeks.

To the concern of many companies that see the end of their physical stores due to the e-commerce explosion, the vice president of Ebay UK has tried to reassure the hearts, based on the case of South Korea and China, which are coming out of the lockdown: “There’s a sustainable and sustained shift to shopping more online. It doesn’t mean physical retail ends. Having physical and online running together is the most compelling thing for customers. These things don’t have to work in competition”.

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