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“Embrace” editorial

“Embrace” editorial

The Body Positive topic is something on everyone’s mouth now, yet over time I realized how much this movement is still totally misunderstood by most people. Including me, until about three years ago. I thought about it as something in which, for the umpteenth time in fashion, a trend was riding without believing in it at all. I was sincerely afraid that all “different” people from the classic model concept could suffer even more over time, being exploited at the time of the trend and then cast away.

The years are passing, and the movement is far from recession. Thanks to social media (sometimes they are needed, if they are used for the right things and in the right way) and thanks to the many VIPs who have joined, all body types, ages, ethnicities etc are gradually gaining ground in the business, and at the moment we count on the fingers of one hand the brands that do not yet use curvy or different models on the catwalk.

Preview from S/S 20222 issue

Photographer David PD Hyde | Style Emily Evans

Models Angela Selvarajah c/o Zebedee Talent

Congyu Xu c/o First Model Management | Ellie Peagam c/o PRM

Makeup Phoebe Taylor | Hair Style Johanna Cree Brown

Prop Artist Yan Skates


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