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“Entità Complementari” editorial

“Entità Complementari” editorial

We complement each other. We, humans, we complement each other. Not we men and we women, nope. We, in general. We as different ethnic groups, as different identities, we all are part of the same design. An incomprehensible design, it is true. But not less beautiful when we carefully looked it. The fear of the different is something atavistic, animal, natural. It is also true. But we do nothing but say how much we have evolved, compared to animals. How modern, technological, avant-garde we are. How much do we know about medicine, physics, astronomy.

But yet we cannot overcome some faded primordial instincts in which the different came to steal our house, the hunting area, the offspring. We have lost the powerful sense of smell, physical elasticity, strength and stamina, acute eyesight. But we are still afraid. And as Flint Sky said in the wonderful film Apocalypto: “Fear is a disease. It crawls into the soul of those who feel it. It has already contaminated your peace. I did not raise you to live in fear. Erase it from your heart.”

Preview from FW 2021 / ’22 issue

Blazer, shirt Hugo Boss, Necklace Fay Andrada
Right: Dress Simone Rocha, Earrings Alegihiri, Boots Grenson

Photography Damian Weilers

Art Direction Beatrice Hurst

Style Celine Sheridan

Models Ronja Susi c/o Titanium Management

and Marlon Pendlebury c/o Wilhelmina Models

Hair Style, Makeup Nadia Alinbas

Location ACS Studio

Hand Prints Sarah England Darkroom

Lab Labyrinth Photographic


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