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Exclusive interview! Johanna Liauw Stars In Tall Girl 2

Exclusive interview! Johanna Liauw Stars In Tall Girl 2

A young woman who knows what she’s doing since she was a teenager. Full of enthusiasm and certainly a new talent, Johanna Liauw is just at the beginning of her career and has already conquered an important role! A great lover of animals and sports, her unforgettable face will certainly go far. We talked to her about her new role, her past and future plans in this exclusive interview.

Your career is just in the beginning, you started in 2020 and yet you have already landed a major role in the highly anticipated film Tall Girl 2, the Netflix sequel to the smash hit teen romantic comedy Tall Girl. How do you live this fantastic period? 

You know, it really feels like a dream. I’m still pinching myself to remind me that it’s all real and happening. I feel undeniably grateful. To have my intuition be so strong as to guide me in this direction and allow me to be in the right place/right time in regards to meeting the people who have helped me in accomplishing all of this, feels so magical and cosmically driven. Of course, I’m still human so I’ve had my moments of anxiety. This is a new level of experience I’m entering, so the unknown element is there but I trust my ability and my purpose. I’m learning to stay grounded in who I am and not let any fear creep in. 

Has acting always been your dream? You were also a great swimmer.

It most certainly has. I felt the pull in the creative direction since I was little. I modeled for a hot second but I always wanted to parlay that into acting at some point. I did swim competitively when I was younger and I did quite well. It’s funny though, I never got the hang of diving. There’s some funny home video footage of that somewhere.

I used to play in my town’s youth coed soccer league as well. I was so tall even back then that I would go up against the tallest boy in the opposing team a lot of the time to help our team out. The boys would always poke fun at me solely for being a girl but little did they know I was a force to be reckoned with haha. But yeah, I was definitely a tomboy growing up.

As we said, Tall Girl 2 is out shortly in February. Do you want to tell us something about your character?

Stella is completely and unapologetically herself. Her energy is like a bright ray of sunshine that comes through and she just wants to make the most of life. She goes through similar situations as some of the other characters and almost acts like a mirror for them. She’s very wise and empathetic.

Do you have any tips for someone just starting the acting journey? Any secrets you would like to share with our readers?

Do what feels right to you. Listen to your intuition. Find whichever actor/actress you resonate with and watch their films or shows to get inspired. And remember to remain authentically yourself. Don’t try to fit a mold of what you think you should be or what someone tells you to be. Acting is just adults playing pretend like we did when we were children, so don’t take it so seriously. Have as much fun as you can. This is your life! Relish in it.

What’s your skincare routine? You have an amazing face. 

My skin can be sensitive to certain products so I don’t like to use anything with harsh chemical ingredients. I’ve switched to an all-natural meltaway creme makeup remover from ‘Farmacy’ which has done wonders. Then I’ll use a light exfoliating scrub with a facial spin brush and follow it up with a light moisturizer. Once a week I’ll use a face mask to keep everything hydrated and balanced. For acne spot treatment, I really like the turmeric stick from ‘Cocokind’. I had really bad acne as a teen and the only thing that really helped clear it was a coffee scrub that I ended up making and using to wash my face. So, I’m all for natural beauty products because they’ve changed my life.

You’re also an animal rights activist, and we love it. We know you have three kittens, one with three legs!

I have two fur babies at the moment, Karma and Thumper. Thumper is the “tripod” kitty. He was found with the rest of his litter abandoned by the mama shortly after being born. When the rescue found them, his umbilical cord was apparently wrapped around his leg and it had cut off the circulation, so it ended up having to be amputated. It doesn’t affect his quality of life at all. He can jump like normal and runs SO fast, it’s so funny to watch him zoom around.

Karma on the other hand was hanging out around my Oma’s house and when I came back from a trip I had stopped by her house and out comes this skinny little kitty. She was so friendly; I didn’t have the heart to just leave her. So, I picked her up, got in the car and she started making biscuits on the ride home. I feel like my next rescue is going to be an older animal that’s been in a rescue or foster for a while. It breaks my heart to hear that some people just abandon or give up their animal. Having a pet is like having family.

As LATEST is primarily a fashion magazine, this question is definitely a must – Do you have any fashion brands you particularly like?

I really enjoy thrifting, it’s like treasure when you find something so cool and unique or vintage. I am also a lover of Prada, or vintage Jean Paul Gaultier. I want to take up sewing so I can make my own clothes one day, that’s on my goal list.


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