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Exclusive interview with dynamic sister trio Triple Charm

Exclusive interview with dynamic sister trio Triple Charm

Who said big dreams are unattainable? These three sisters are living proof that with perseverance and positivity you can really achieve a lot. Involved in dancing and singing since they were little girls, they are now Triple Charm, an exceptional musical trio that you really need to discover! Let’s get to know them better together in this exclusive interview, and discover their past and their future projects.

It’s a real pleasure talking to you girls! You recently had your first concert (sold out!), can you tell us about this experience? 

Amalia – Thank you for having us! Performing and selling out our first live show is something we are so proud of, and it’s one of our biggest accomplishments so far! We loved the process of curating the set list, coming up with arrangements, and choreographing each song. We really put our everything into preparing and creating the show, and getting up on that stage for a sold-out crowd was truly incredible! People flew in and drove for hours to see us perform and it was so fun getting to meet them all! We can’t wait to get back on stage again! 

What are your plans now? Making a record, a concert tour? 

Gabriella – We have so many exciting things coming up that we can’t wait to share with you all! We can’t say too much yet, but we have been writing lots of new music and are planning to be back on stage soon! We released our latest single “Tough Boy” last month, which was so much fun to write and record. It’s very different from any other music we’ve done before. There also may be another bilingual single coming soon, so be on the lookout for that! 

As your slogan says, “We are 3 sisters just doing what we love”, it can be seen (and heard)! It’s nice to see so much joie de vivre shared, it brings joy and it’s really needed. From whom did you inherit your undoubted singing talent? Any other musicians in your family? 

Raena – We actually don’t have any other musicians in our family. Neither one of our parents grew up with or worked in the performing arts. All three of us started competitive dance at a young age, which we were inspired to do by our aunt, who grew up dancing. Then, when Amalia was 6, she started taking singing lessons. After years of watching Amalia do vocal warmups in the car and go to singing competitions, Gabriella and I decided to join in on the fun! 

You like singing and dancing, but how did the idea of a musical group come about? Is there a particular moment that “lit the fuse”, so to speak? 

Gabriella – The three of us have grown up performing together, but we officially formed Triple Charm in 2019. That year, Amalia was invited to compete at the World Championships of Performing Arts which is a massive competition where multiple countries come to compete. She was invited by our vocal coach, and our mom said Amalia could only go if Raena and I competed as well. So, we decided we might as well compete together as a trio since we were all going anyways. While preparing for the competition we absolutely fell in love with working together and knew that it was what we were meant to do! 

You have collaborated with the famous singer-songwriter Heather J. Miley, who has worked with famous stars such as Selena Gomez and Kelly Clarkson. How was it? Any particular anecdote you will remember? 

Amalia – Working with Heather Miley was such an incredible experience! Before working with her, we had never written an original song, so she really took a chance on us, for which we are forever grateful. The first time we’d ever gone to a recording studio was when we flew to California to record our debut single, “Move On.” We were in the studio with Heather and our producer Dan, and it was such a fun and unforgettable day! We had a blast recording gang vocals and getting in the booth together, it made us fall in love with the process. 

Like other young people today, your huge success today was born and raised thanks to social media. It’s often a double-edged sword for people with not strong characters who don’t know how to use it in the right way, and how to handle haters. What do you think about the power of the internet? 

Raena – We’ve been able to see the power of social media firsthand and how much it can help independent artists grow a platform for themselves. We also understand the responsibility we have because we have such a big platform. From the start, our goal has been to spread positivity, and with every video we make, our hope is to put a smile on people’s faces and brighten their day even the littlest bit. The power of the internet is truly amazing, and we are so lucky to have been able to build an audience of over 15 million people thanks to it! 

We know you have various philanthropic interests including mental health awareness, ocean conservation, Girls Opportunity Alliance and UNICEF. How do you hope to contribute to a change? 

Amalia – In everything we create, from music to content on social media, we want to have a positive impact to empower and inspire others. Female empowerment is something that has been extremely important to us for a long time. Growing up, we’ve been surrounded by strong and powerful women who have inspired us to chase after our dreams. We hope to inspire other young women to go after their goals and never give up! 

LATEST is primarily a fashion magazine, so we’re curious about your relationship with it. Do you have any favorite brands, which you think best represent you? Imagining a brand that dresses you during your concerts or music video in the future, who would it be? 

Gabriella – Fashion is something we all love! None of our videos are complete without fun and popping coordinated outfits. We work with our mom, who’s our stylist, to put together our looks. Shout out to her, she’s the best! We love to shop at a ton of different stores but one thing that stays the same in all our outfits is our shoes. Each fit is complete with our white Nike Air Force 1s. So, we would definitely love to work with Nike one day!


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