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Exclusive interview with Pop Artist Kelianne: from opening for Justin Bieber to launching her music career

Exclusive interview with Pop Artist Kelianne: from opening for Justin Bieber to launching her music career

We had the pleasure of speaking to Kelianne, a singer-actress-dancer from California who comes from an all-musical family. Her pop single “Boys” released in January 2021 tells us that this young artist’s career is all on the rise, with over 12 million followers and 400 million views on her social media. Her dance company “The Acrobats” has toured across the country, even opening for Justin Bieber, and has appeared on various TV shows, such as The Ellen Show. Now Kelianne is devoting herself full time to her solo music, and also to her future dream wedding. Let’s find out more together!

You come from a family of multi-instrumentalists, so it’s no surprise that you grew up with a musical bent. We know you play various instruments! 

Yes! My dad was a big influence when it comes to my musical journey. He is an amazing musician and so is my older brother. I grew up learning how to play a variety of instruments including the drums, guitar, and piano. My favorite to play is the ukulele though!

You grew up performing and singing until you discovered a love of gymnastics. Since then your dance company has come a long way opening up names like Justin Bieber, TV shows etc. You have even been a part of the United States National Acrobatic Gymnastics Team that competed at the World Championships. How did you live this incredible experience?

It took a lot of dedication, training, and hard work! I spent everyday training, sometimes for even hours at a time. One of my goals growing up was to make it to the World Championships and I can say that I have accomplished that. This is something that I am very proud of because it was a huge accomplishment for myself and I also know that my younger self would be ecstatic to know that this dream came true at such an early stage of my life.

Your upcoming single “Boys” already promises a lot on social media. Do you plan to dedicate yourself more to music in the future than the rest?

Yes! Music is my main focus right now. Since I have grown up with a passion for it, I have been very excited to begin this chapter in my career. I have been counting down the days until my first single came out and now it is here! I cannot wait to share more with my fan base and to continue to showcase my various talents and styles.

Your fan base is very solid, especially when it comes to your dance videos on your social platforms. How do you live your relationship with the fans? 

I love reading and responding to comments! I also always look through my DMs and will randomly have a conversation with people! It’s so fun to talk to my supporters and get to know them. My favorite thing about doing this is that it allows me to connect with them on a deeper level, one that can almost make our conversation feel like it is in person rather than just online. I want my fan base to really feel like they know me and can experience this incredible journey with me.

You also dedicate yourself to philanthropic initiatives and, among other things, you would like to visit third world countries to help them in the distribution of drinking water. How are you dealing with this lovely initiative?

 I am doing my best to learn about ways in which I can make a small difference in this world. This is one way that I feel as though I might be able to help others and begin to create this change.

Do you think social media can help in the fight against the world’s big problems? How?

I think that social media can help to raise awareness to problems that are present within the world. It allows for more conversations to be had and for more opinions to be discussed. It brings new ideas to the table and can help to create a change.

We know that you are engaged to model Chase Mattson and that you are planning your amazing wedding. Congratulations!

Thank you so much! I’m so excited to celebrate with all my friends and family!


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