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Fall 2020 Couture Collection: Christian Dior

Fall 2020 Couture Collection: Christian Dior

Christian Dior Couture collection consists of 37 beautiful and sophisticated looks that, once again, remain faithful to the brand’s aesthetics and its history. Dresses and suits draw the female silhouette tightening the waist and falling softly on the hips; the shoulders are well structured, the tubular sleeves are rigid and tailored. The final cape is made of mixed black fabrics layered, which creates an unusual volume for the French Maison.

Beyond the fairytale clothes that Maria Grazia Chiuri has proved capable of creating, the presentation and the idea behind it are a favorable plus for Christian Dior. The collection was indeed presented by a short movie, created by the Italian director Matteo Garrone, which is not only aesthetically perfect but also engaging, and certainly will leave you with a smile. Through the short, Dior illustrates how the production and presentation of the couture garments will take place for the next upcoming period.

The movie is titled Le Mythe Dior and is shot inside a quiet and enchanted forest, where mythological creatures such as Mermaids and Nymphs live, apparently unaware of the uncanny charm of high fashion creations. Two Maison Dior’s special couriers are in charge of bringing 1/3 size dummies, dressed with the Couture garments, to these ethereal creature, in order to let them chose if they want one for themselves: no need to say, even for mythical women it is impossible to resist the temptation. Once the women have chosen their dress, the atelier will work to make it custom-made, and finally deliver it “at home” in the hollow of a tree or in the bluish seabed of the rivers.

In the same way Maria Grazia Chiuri thought of making small doll clothes, to be delivered to customers’ home so they can see them, touch them and, eventually, be enchanted by them. The final clothes will be made to order. After all, who can resist the charm of small miniature dresses, even better if made with great care in detail, with the finest yarns. It is certainly not the first time that fashion uses dolls to create and present its creations. It happened with the poupées de mode in the seventeenth century and it happened again in the Second World War, an episode Chiuri expressly refers to, in this presentation. The French tailors of the period, unable to design due to lack of raw materials, had thought of making small doll models. Their success was enormous, so much so that, exhibited for a time in the Louvre, they allowed to raise funds for war veterans returning to their homeland. Certainly Chiuri let herself be inspired by the role that, once again, fashion and women played in the safeguard and well-being of society.

Cover image credits: Dior via Instagram

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