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Fall 2020 Couture Collection: Maurizio Galante

Fall 2020 Couture Collection: Maurizio Galante

Maurizio Galante’s story for Autumn 2020 Haute Couture speaks of the chameleon spirit and transformative power of clothes. It is well known that most people who love fashion do so because of the ability clothes have to make us different people. Better or worse, more creative, sometimes simply more special. It is a dressing up process that does not hide, but reveals.

The dresses in the collection change on the model and their texture, their volumes and, above all, their colours spread and transform her into a continuous process of definition and discovery. The creative mastery is evident, in embroideries and, above all, in layers. It starts with simpler dresses, in black and bluètte and gradually arrives at the purple gown of the finale which is spectacular and impactful. Which is also the dress that, in the story, the woman chooses to leave the house and show herself to the world.

Maurizio Galante’s short film is therefore a path in which we can all see ourselves reflected. It is made of choices and inevitably leads us to discover ourselves – of what we are but even more of what we want to be. Fashion is made of will, as well as the entire human existence, which acquires meaning when we prepare to show ourselves to others. In that dense moment, when everything seems possible, the only real thing that matters is our decision to be understood. Among the many vehicles, clothes are still the best medium.

Cover image credits: Maurizio Galante via Instagram

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