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Fendi Renaissance: cultural project for rebirth starting from Rome

Fendi Renaissance: cultural project for rebirth starting from Rome

The idea of the Italian Renaissance was the starting point for the construction of the concept of Made in Italy as we know it today. And, even if this is not right occasion to speak about the birth and development of fashion in Italy, we would like to connect the new project by Fendi with this roots. It is called Anima Mundi and it is part of the project Fendi Renaissance: a partnership between the roman maison and the Accademia di Santa Cecilia’s Symphony (as well born and raised in Rome), whose first exhibition took placed on the 20th of June, in occasion of the summer solstice. Palazzo delle Civiltà was the set of the concert of the Symphony with the solo Italian violinist Anna Tifu. They played three movements from the Summer from Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi and, to make the whole even more touching there was the pinkish sky of the roman sunset – the same shades found in two of the three Fendi Haute Couture dresses worn by Tifu for the occasion.

The concert is both the artistic interpretation of the events we all went through in the latest period and, especially, a wish for the upcoming future. The members of the Symphony were, at the beginning, far from each other, according the imposed rules of social distancing; they got closer and closer to each other while moving from one set to the next one of the Colosseo Quadrato, until eventually meeting at the top of the building for the last sonata. From this point a new Renaissance spread all over, making art and creativity, dedication and craftsmanship, the lowest common dominators of the change we have to face all together. Every one of us is an atom, with personal skills and responsibilities and, through individual commitment we gather together, giving shape to the unique Anima Mundi.

Fendi’s project aims to be a tribute to the city of Rome, to its culture and power, symbol of humanity since ever and, once again, starting point for inspirations and re-birth. In the same occasion, and following the same discourse, Fendi also declared that it won’t present its next collection in the Camera della Moda’s calendar but rather in its own headquarter in Rome, the next 22th of September. A sort of scaramantic sacrifice, hoping that the fertile soil of the capital city will give us its best fruits once again.

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