From Justin Bieber’s tour to BratTV: Amelie Anstett’s career blossoming

Her motto is “Be Original”! Amelie Anstett hopes to inspire her fans and make them realize that it’s really cool to be yourself. Incredible dancer, she was alongside Justin Bieber during his Purpose Tour. But her career is also taking a big turn as an actress, and after seeing her in the role of Sadie in Chicken Girls (BratTV), we now await big news for the next fall!

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Your dance journey begins at a young age but solidifies with Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour. What prompted you to approach this world and how did you live that incredible experience?

 Ah yes, my big break into the entertainment industry was when I was twelve years old and danced on stage with Justin Bieber. That moment changed my life forever and allowed me to really see my true passion and calling. Justin taught me and continues to teach me so many things, and he has truly made such an impact on my life. I’ll never forget him telling me to ‘always believe in myself, follow my dreams, and remember my roots.” I initially began dancing at the age of seven with no intention of turning it into a career. I was just a little girl with a big personality who loved making people happy through performing. However, I fell in love with dancing almost instantly and my love for it since has never stopped. 

From dancer to actress! You played Sadie in the BratTV series “Chicken Girls”. How did you come to get this role and what do you remember about the moment you were chosen?

 I had heard a lot about Chicken Girls and was definitely a fan. BratTV and the creators of Chicken Girls were able to create such a dynamic and interesting hit show with so many different individuals and talents of different scopes. Once I was offered the role, I without a doubt, was excited and grateful for the opportunity to not only act for the first time but to also work alongside such talented individuals.

What do you feel closest to the Sadie character?  

Other than her confidence and outgoing nature, my character “Sadie” and I really don’t share a lot in common in real life at all. But getting to play a mean girl is honestly so fun because it is so different from who I am in real life. I’ve known and seen some mean girls in action throughout my life. I’ve always wondered how they must have felt inside to be able to be so cold etc…so it took a little bit of studying ( I watched movies like “Mean Girls” etc…) and really took the time to create that character inside of me so that I could instantly bring it out when the director said, “ACTION!”

Do you think you will be more into acting in the future than the rest? We know that there are some interesting news in the pipeline! 

I’ve been so grateful this year to have the opportunity to work on multiple feature films, and have had such a wonderful time getting to pursue acting. It has definitely become a huge passion of mine, and to say I am excited is an understatement because I am SO EXCITED. I have so much in store for everyone this year and can’t wait to soon be able to share my upcoming projects. I am so grateful for the support from my amazing fan base/team. Always remember to whoever is reading this you are amazing just the way you are. Do the things that make you happy and feel good, while being original. 

Social media is today a double-edged sword, but indispensable. Your fan base is really solid. How do you live your relationship with the fans?

 I just really hope to be able to continue to use my platform to spread positivity and lift people up. I love interacting with my fans and those who support me because I want them to know I support them just the same. I look at them more as internet friends rather than fans. I think that this generation is different from the rest, and I would love to use my motto, “Be Original,” to share that it is amazing to be who you truly are.

What’s your skincare routine? You have an amazing face. How do you start the day on the right foot? 

Thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoy looking at every morning as a fresh start of growth to the amazing individual you are continuing to form in yourself. I actually at the moment don’t have a specific skincare routine. However I always keep it simple and wash my face, then use a hydrating product, then SPF, and moisturizer. However, I think it is important to remember our skin is constantly changing and it is not always going to be perfect and that’s okay! There is so much beauty in blemishes and we all struggle with different versions of it from time to time.

LATEST being primarily a fashion magazine, this question is definitely a must – Do you have any fashion brands that you particularly like? And which do you think best represents your style?

 I absolutely love this question! Fashion has become a huge part of my life and I love how it allows us as individuals to express our creativity through the pieces of clothing we choose to wear. Personally, I feel that my style can be represented through many different brands and I won’t say a specific one because I like to be open to new trends, looks, etc. Some of my favorites though consist of Dior, Prada, Fendi, YSL, and Steve Madden.

And what about your free time? It doesn’t have to be much, but what do you like to do?

One of the biggest things that people tend to forget when being in this industry is to truly “live.” I often find myself forgetting as well. I love to just live in the moment and appreciate life with the ones I love. Whether it’s a simple day or a crazy adventure, I love just making new memories/trying new things.


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