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FW2021/22: Stella McCartney and her new beginning

FW2021/22: Stella McCartney and her new beginning

Stella McCartney described her fall winter 2021 collection as “a new beginning”. As we know, until now, the designer has always been involved in environmental issues. We can certainly say that her brand was one of the pioneers of the sustainable fashion movement. Hoping that ethical production of clothing and accessories continues in this way, it is becoming of global interest. New sustainable brands are born every day and the old ones try to keep up by changing their habits. During this pandemic year Stella has been busy writing her “Manifesto from A to Z”. It is possible to read it on her website, it concerns all the production processes of her creations. A real magnifying glass that leaves no room for doubt.

Upon reflection, and Stella also confirmed it, her audacity in environmental practices has often diverted attention from her collections. Journalists often only asked her about sustainability and nothing about creation. Whoever dares to go first is no doubt noticed, and the planet certainly has to thank characters like Stella McCartney. But from now on, apparently, she has decided to take another leap forward.

“This brand is so young in so many ways. Its belief systems, the way we get nowhere in a conventional way, and I want the spirit of what I do to emerge in fashion as well.” With this statement Stella gives us a glimpse of what the future of her brand will be. Young, daring, absolutely personal and at times extreme. They are perfect characteristics to represent the values that this brand has always had.

“Now I want it looks like a new beginning for the brand, a rebirth.” Said the designer. Judging by the collection, made up of 77% sustainable materials, vegan, upcycling techniques and so personal, it must be said that she has succeeded in her intent. The full colors, the strong contrasts between materials and styles give the looks a combative air, in a positive sense. We will return to have fun and go out, daring a little.

Stella reminds us how powerful fashion can be when it comes to making statements. How it can invade us with the right sensations and change our mood. It is clear that we are all waiting for a return to normal life. A night out, many people, and let’s also imagine how we will go dressed for this first post-pandemic party. Wanting to be noticed will surely be everyone’s desire. Hence the idea of such glamorous garments was born in Stella. Sequins, wide-legged trousers, jumpsuits with psychedelic motifs, shimmering wedges in an explosion of color. All knowing that you are wearing something that has no environmental impact, what more could you want?


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