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Giorgio Armani SS 2022: back to the origins

Giorgio Armani SS 2022: back to the origins

To understand this new spring summer 2022 collection we need to take a few steps back. Giorgio Armani, remember this point, remained one of the few designers to be the sole owner of his own brand. Nonetheless, the brand is one of the most famous in the world and certainly one of the most recognizable.

Armani is the authoritative voice of fashion. Throughout the year and a half, during the pandemic, he has been sending precise messages about what should be done. Yet, even in this case, he never turned out to be the gruff father who couldn’t understand young people, but rather a clear and sparkling example to follow.

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Authority is something that is won. No authoritative character is considered like this because someone has given them the title. Giorgio Armani, in his more than forty-year career in fashion, has always been consistent and has shown an incredible commitment. He started from the bottom – literally – of the basement of his house, where his first fashion show took place.

In this very particular historical moment, Armani wanted to remind us how fundamental commitment is, and how many good memories can be created during the journey. The show was held in that same basement, with few intimate spectators, as it was in the beginning.

For the collection he took inspiration from two concepts very dear to him, the sea – above all – and the sun. We all know how blue is now and has been a very important color for the maison, which is the color of the sea indeed. Along with a great deployment of initial looks in blue and maritime style, arrive our beloved greige (typical Armani color, a very elegant cross between gray and beige) with dresses with veiled transparencies and soft suits. These after a slight interval of bright pink.

The models, in yet another return to origins, smiled on the catwalk (or at least almost all of them), and for the most part they seemed natural in this. There are a lot of scarves and caps, many rounds of long neck chains and soft bags that resemble the beach ones.


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