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Green Pea is now open: the first green retail park in Torino

Green Pea is now open: the first green retail park in Torino

Opened on December 9 at Lingotto in Turin, Green Pea is the third project of the Farinetti family after Unieuro and Eataly. As stated in the manifesto, the mission of Green Pea is to develop and disseminate consumer practices that act in full respect of the planet.

From duty to beauty is the slogan of the Green Retail Park, which is ready to provide consumers with sustainable patterns of consumption, starting with primary energy sources, passing through the other activities that define us as a Consumer Society: energy, clothing, design, transport and leisure.

“90% of scientists tell us that our way of consuming has become incompatible. On one hand, we produce energy by releasing excessive CO2 into the atmosphere that alters the climate, on the other we make objects and produce food by polluting earth, water and air, and we do not dispose of waste properly; finally, we suppress trees”, Oscar Farinetti said at the opening, “when 90% of scientists say one thing, they usually get it right. The time has come to change the way we consume”.

The Retail Park covers five floors, each dedicated to a specific sector; the first floor is dedicated to home decor, the second to clothing, which includes, among others, Zegna, Herno, Bornbonese, already known in the sector for their commendable commitment to a more sustainable production and supply chain. The third floor is dedicated to beauty, whereas the fourth hosts a Club on the Rooftop for “Creative Leisure”.

Even the same structure that hosts all these wonderful realities is consciously built. Designed by architects Cristina Catino (ACC Natural Architecture) and Carlo Grometto (Shop Blue Architects Associated), Green Pea is a green building in all its essence; it uses renewable energy sources that drastically reduce the diffusion of C02, is powered by geothermal wells and uses solar and photovoltaic panels. The Green Pea then is really surrounded by greenery with the 2000 trees and plants that grow inside of it, thanks to the collaboration with Vannino Vannucci, the largest nursery in Europe.

On the cover: A.C.C Naturale Architettura di Cristiana Catino, Negozio Blu A.A.


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