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Here comes Anti-Do-To: the wind of change fashion needed

Here comes Anti-Do-To: the wind of change fashion needed

There is a wind of change that can be felt now more than ever, and it’s not just the fact that the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 has begun, albeit with some hiccups. In the fashion world there is a new Italian brand that offers equally definitive solutions, for the planet and for the people.

Anti-Do-To, as the Italian name suggests, is the new Italian brand that has made of environmental and social sustainability its flag. The brand was born from a collective of investors with only one main goal: to inspire change through concrete actions.

The activist brand intends to focus on multiple points to spread effective change in the fashion industry and outside of it. First of all, it will donate 50% of its profits in support of social causes.


Indeed, as the brand itself clarified: “Each year we will allocate a predefined budget to invest in social projects, which is equal to 50% of our estimated net profits. Once a social project has been selected, we immediately provide our partners or non-profit organisations with the funds needed to launch the project. We take the risk and invest first. Subsequently, our community will buy our products and recover what we have invested through 50% of net sales profits”.

Secondly there will be partnerships with some other activist associations and the promotion of a storytelling that gives visibility to the little-known realities, made of communities and individuals engaged in social activism. The first project seeing the light was the skatepark in the port of Gaza, which brings the young together and consolidates a strong community.

Then, the brand intends to focus on the planet’s well-being and on an inclusive fashion, by also emphasizing physical and mental well-being of the consumers, something that today is more than ever relevant.

How does Anti-Do-To intends to implement this commitment? Through the creation of “an essential, functional and transversal wardrobe” that wins over time and goes beyond the limits of seasonality. The materials will be 100% sustainable and produced in Italy, mainly in Veneto by small independent local companies.

La collezione di Anti-Do-To in uno scatto di Marcello Junior Dino

On the official website of the brand, the first collection of 15 items is already available. There, we can find t-shirts, sweatshirts, crew-neck shirts, caps, waterproof jackets. The inclusiveness of the brand is also expressed through the sizes, more diverse and suitable for different body types. To make it simple, more inclusive

The circular quality of the products is evident from the materials, mainly made of GOTS certified cotton, GRS recycled fibers and recycled nylon. The packaging is also made of 100% FSC recycled paper and the bags are made of compostable corn.

We needed some fresh air that could relieve the unbearable burden of a drifting industry. Anti-Do-To carries on the change with concrete actions, minimal weight for the fashion industry and the planet.

On the cover: Picture by Marcello Junior Dino


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