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How to get plastic out of your life?

How to get plastic out of your life?

Many continue to have the wrong thought: “If big companies don’t stop producing plastic, what does it matter my individual commitment?”

The reality is that, as in all revolutions, everyone’s commitment can have a big impact if we become many. If then we become many, then even large companies will be forced to make changes. Think if even half of people no longer bought water or shampoo in bottle. Companies would be forced to change something in their packaging so as not to lose customers.

So the question is how willing are we to commit ourselves to make things change? Let’s find some starting point and, why not, contact of some company that is already in this fight and can help us understand more and find the right products.

How to replace bottled drinking water? We know, unfortunately, tap water in homes is often not good, or it is too heavy and many of us need lighter water. Well, there are many companies now in every country that make deliveries of mineral water in returnable glass bottles. When you run out of water, call for a second order and, when the courier arrives, he will take the empty bottles you used. In this way there is no waste of glass and no plastic is used (not to mention the less effort to bring home heavy plastic water boxes when you shop).

An example? The Italian company spesaonline24 or French souriredessaveurs

Are you often away from home and would like to bring water or other fresh or hot drinks with you? 24bottles is the company for you. Striving to eliminate disposable plastic, they have created an infinite series of colorful bottles and thermos that you really can’t resist. Because you’ll not only do good for planet, but you will do it in your own style!

They are very light, resistant and can keep the temperature of drink up to 24 hours. And even if you are not away from home, there is nothing better than working at home with a tea that does not get cold, or water that remains cool in hot times like these.

Discover the Travel line

Bathroom products to be changed? Choose bamboo ones, such as the elegant Truthbrush toothbrushes which, besides being planet’s friends, are also beautiful and classy.

The new era calls for a return to solid soap. Packaging reduced to zero (choose the soaps in paper instead of plastic), convenient to carry with you, avoid waste because you use much less of it. The latest generation soaps are excellent for washing any part of the body, there are even some fantastic solid shampoos made with organic ingredients. You can find many here.

Long Lasting Solid Shampoo Bar by handmadebyjuliette

Would you like to learn more about how to reduce plastic consumption and generally buy more sustainably? The planetorganic website can help you. There you will find really everything, from food to detergents to beauty to household items.


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