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Each city has a different balance, a union of mechanisms, sounds and colors that coexist and create distinct realities. The charm of chaos and the poetry that characterizes urban balance led us to analyze two apparently different cities bu with symbiotic aspects i.e., Naples and Berlin.

Both cities have demonstrated that their strength lies in the ability to embrace their history, to learn from challenges and to innovate without losing their authenticity. Their rebirth is a testament to the power of community, culture and identity in shaping a city’s destiny. They have been able to capitalize on their unique identity, enhancing their history and creating a balance between tradition and innovation. The resilience of these cities is an example of how culture, community, and creativity can play a fundamental role in urban rebirth and in building a strong and lasting identity.

Fashion has a fundamental role in this research as it turns out to be one of the most effective methods to deal with the sociological aspect and the effects that changes and influences have had on people.

Fashion describes, speaks, tells and is indeed the strongest and most immediate testimony; the clothes speak of young people and their vision of the future but they also speak of adults and their relationship between what has been and what will be. They are stories that vibrate through fabrics, colors and combinations, trends that are revisited, seen and adapted to the reality we experience. Fashion speaks of history and popular myths, it narrates the dreams and hopes of people who live and walk on streets that may appear narrow and tortuous.

Identity, chaos, rebirth: three fundamental themes through which analyze these two places and the people who live in them, focusing the research on visual languages, and in particular, on how clothing can best speak and express collective identities in continuous redefinition and resignification. Being reborn is a new demonstration of life which, starting from the foundations of one’s own or collective past, finds space in a new identity and in a previously unknown place.

Preview from S/S 2024 issue

Production René Skwara 

Photography, Art Direction Heinrich Benjamin 

DOP Niki Goetz 

Style Giulia Vanorio, Francesca Coppola 

Models Hedda, Joyce c/o Izaio Management & Cecilie c/o Mirrrs Models 

Hair Style Natalia Sobolevac/o Liganord using La Biosthétique 

Makeup Patricia Hoos using Pat McGrath Labs | PR Agentur 

Light by Mick


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