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Ilina Mustafina: when you want to describe a multifaceted artist

Ilina Mustafina: when you want to describe a multifaceted artist

We recently discovered this young artist and we want to share her work with you. Describing a person as an “Artist” is often like walking on a chasm, easily risking falling into easy gender arguments.

“The Bird of Paradise” Eco friendly clothing line Kamea two piece silk set | Model Delar Gaston
“The Bird of Paradise” Eco friendly clothing line Palila two piece silk set
Model Ana Marques

In the case of Ilina Mustafina we have no doubts in using this word. A young woman completely immersed in her art and her creation, in various different fields. She photography, both mural and private painting and recently she has also embraced the world of clothing creation.

Left: “Elephants” Acrylic on wood board (2020)​ Solstice Sunglasses Storefront, Soho, New York | Right: “Mia #6” Oil on wood panel
“The Bird of Paradise” Eco friendly clothing line: model Izabela wearing Palila silk dress

Her eco-friendly collection “The Bird of Paradise” was founded in 2021, and you can see some unique pieces here.
The clothes are handmade with natural materials, such as linen or silk. Can be ordered individually, they are real pieces of art.

Model Delar Gaston wearing The Bird of Paradise Marina Silk Dress & Prada mules

The designer started this sustainable project thinking of bringing back true craftsmanship, in a historical moment in which everything seems to disappear in the digital world. Some people like Ilina, on the other hand, are convinced that a step backwards would be the best solution, for the environment and for ourselves.

“freedom” Mural, Bond St. New York 2021

Graduated from J. Bach School of Art, Baltiysk, Russia. She then continued with a degree in finance, Aviation Technical University, Ufa also in Russia. She then moved to the United States where she studied architectural design at the Parsons School of Design in New York. Like all multifaceted people, her multi-cultural life has certainly helped her to draw inspiration for her artwork.

Watercolor sketches 2022
“Women” Acrylic on wood (2020)

Image on cover: on Left “2 rocks” Acrylic on canvas (2020) | on Right “Mia” Oil on Canvas (2019)


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