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In conversation with Alexis Lynn: when songwriting becomes the expression of your whole world

In conversation with Alexis Lynn: when songwriting becomes the expression of your whole world

Listening to one of the songs from Alexis Lynn‘s latest album it is impossible not to be fascinated. This Canadian-born singer-songwriter truly speaks firsthand in her lyrics, and she leaves no theme out the door, however difficult it may be. Speaking of mental health, eating disorders, substance addiction and bisexuality, Alexis is able to grasp the problems of her listeners. “I had exactly this problem and tried exactly that, but I never had the words to say it.” That’s what they’ve often told her, and that’s why she loves being a songwriter.

When did you decide to become a singer? Was there some episode that triggered the light in you? 

I remember always singing when I was young. I begged my parents to put me into singing lessons because I loved it so much, so they did and from there I continued and eventually started playing piano and writing songs at 16. I always wanted to be a singer, but it shifted into wanting to be an artist when I started writing.

Are there any artists in particular that you admire and who inspire you? Both about their sound and the narrative style. 

Amy Winehouse is one of my idols. She was such an iconic artist. Her narrative style and writing really inspired the way I write and tell my own stories. I’ve always admired how she painted such visceral pictures through these raw, honest stories, so I strive to emulate that. Other writers I admire include Julia Michaels, Benny Blanco, Tayla Park, and so many more. As for sound, I’d say Ariana Grande has had a lot of influence on pop music in general but definitely in my music as well.

In your songs you talk about authentic and first-person experiences, without filters. What are the daily challenges you faced in telling yourself in such a true way? Or did it all come naturally? 

It was definitely a challenge at first to write so vulnerably, it was scary to me to be so honest in my songs. It was also nerve wracking to start co-writing because you’re not only being vulnerable with yourself but with other people in the room. I’m so glad I’ve gotten through that because it’s one of my favourite parts of the process now.

The issues you have addressed also concern bisexuality and mental health. If you could go back in time and talk to the younger you, what would you tell her? 

I would tell her that she’s enough, period. She’s worthy and valid, and it’s okay to struggle, but that she’s enough regardless of anyone else’s opinion.

Know your worth and never be satisfied, this is your motto. And it is a very brave motto that immediately makes us understand the type of person we are talking to. What advice would you give to people who have faced problems similar to yours? 

I’d say I’m still always learning and growing in this but reflecting on the fact that your worth doesn’t come from anyone or anywhere else has been really important in my journey.

You didn’t just write your songs. You’ve done a little bit of everything from designing album covers to editing music videos. The truth is that often those born with an artistic streak fail to be pigeonholed in such a definite way. What do you think? 

I think there’s definitely truth in that! I’ve always loved all art forms and it’s been a really fun means of expression for me to dip my toes into all different facets of the creative process. I personally really enjoy the visual aspect of the music industry as well so it’s something I’ve had a lot of fun having a hand in. I think it’s true that the majority of creatives aren’t really stuck with only one means of expression.

What have been your best moments during the production of your music so far? 

I don’t think I can pick just one, but the process of creating this last album was definitely a huge highlight for me. It was different than anything I had ever done in so many ways, from writing and recording during the pandemic, creating a truly cohesive theme for the project, writing video treatments, etc. It’s been one of my favourite projects for sure.

Do you have any future plans (life or work) that you want to give us an anticipation of?

I have a new single “Something To Prove” coming out very soon! And definitely more music for the new year.


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