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In conversation with Emma Malouff: the joy of living for who have faith

In conversation with Emma Malouff: the joy of living for who have faith

When you come to think that all young girls who approach Hollywood must have low ethics, remember young actresses like Emma Malouff. And try to open your mind and think that not everything that seems one way is really like that. Not everything that we see bad in this world means that there are no other good things. Emma is a Texas girl who grew up with the dream of being an actress. How many like her! You will say, yet for her it was a true vocation. As a child she played to reinterpret the parts of the films that she liked, it was really “her dream”. And so, thanks to her tenacity and the help of her Faith and her family, she can now truly say that her dream is coming true.

Where did your love for cinema come from? Have you always wanted to be an actress?

Ever since I was little, I have been stuck in a daydream. I have been in love with acting and the art of filmmaking. When I was younger, after I had watched a movie or TV show that resonated with me, I would shut myself in my room and transform into the characters I saw on screen. I would memorize scenes and create new ones that I would then play out. My imagination has always run wild this way. I was that type of girl who transported herself to magical worlds during recess, and didn’t care if anyone was watching.

Acting gave me the chance to be whoever I dreamt I could be. Whether that be a rebelliously courageous princess fighting for the freedom of her kingdom or a young woman defying the standards of society, I crave the chance to daydream, tell stories, and play characters that allow audiences to experience a deep level of connection and a sense of wonder. There is something so beautiful about telling stories or developing characters that mean something to someone. 

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Are there other roles in this field that interest you? We know you enjoy video editing and production.

As I have begun to grow in this industry, I have had the opportunity to learn so many new things about storytelling and film production. In addition to acting, my heart has always been drawn to directing, and recently that includes producing. My dream is to one day have my own production company where I have the power to choose the stories I want to tell, stories that encourage and bring joy to audiences.

You have worked for years with the human trafficking organizations A21 and Exodus Cry, helping to raise awareness on the issues of human slavery. Can you tell us more about the subject?

There are so many amazing Human Trafficking organizations impacting change, and A21 and Exodus Cry are two that I admire and hope to shine a spotlight on. Human Trafficking is a horrific 150 billion dollar industry which impacts an estimated 40.3 million people across the world today.

Human Trafficking is the abuse and enslavement of children, women, and men for their bodies and labor. My activism involvement began with hosting tea parties for young girls and their moms, where I would speak to raise awareness on the pitfalls of sex trafficking. We made bracelets to wear in our schools to act as conversation starters in hopes of furthering the education of others on how to spot and stop sex trafficking. More recently, I had the privilege of shooting a jewelry campaign for Sanctuary Project, a nonprofit organization employing and empowering survivors of Human Trafficking. There is a solution to this evil, and we can bring it to an end if we stand together and work toward equipping and educating those around us. The change starts with us.

Now that you are of age you live alone in Los Angeles, I guess to better continue your career as an actress. Are you enjoying this change? Do you miss Texas?

Over the last three years, my life has looked very different than a typical high-schooler. Moving to Los Angeles at age 15 was nothing short of a leap of faith, and in all honesty, there have been many tears from the uncomfortable feelings that come with growth. My faith is deeply important to me and this new season has caused me to press deeper into Jesus and seek his help because, without Him, life can feel very overwhelming. Jesus is where my peace comes from, especially with all of this change I have experienced.

This journey would also not be possible without my incredible family and team. I am so thankful to them for their constant support, wisdom, guidance, and love. I wouldn’t be here pursuing what I love without my Grandparents, who relocated to LA with me initially. I also wouldn’t be here without the unrelenting support of my mom and dad. Of course, I miss my home and family in Austin, but stepping into my own now, officially living on my own with so many beautiful friendships surrounding me, I am learning to make Los Angeles my city. 

You are starring in a Ryan Murphy production of the new FX series “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” which premiered September 7. Impressive. Do you want to tell us something about this role? We know it’s about the Clinton-Lewinsky affair.

Impeachment: American Crime Story, created by the brilliant Ryan Murphy, is an updated narrative of a story everyone thinks they know. It highlights the voices and lives of the women involved, what they experienced, and how they were silenced, controlled, and ridiculed by the public. I play Allison Tripp, the daughter of Linda Tripp, portrayed by the incredible Sarah Paulson. The whole cast and crew were phenomenal, and working on Impeachment has been one of the most exciting experiences of my career to date. It is a project that I hope will evoke empathy and compassion from its audience and allow a space for them to view the women of this story in a different light. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to play a piece in the telling of this story.

Social media are now a great springboard for those who know how to exploit them. How would you describe your relationship with them?

Social Media can be a tricky space to navigate. On one hand, I see the benefit of using Social Media as a platform to promote who you are as an individual, things you care about, etc. But on the other, I recognize the harm and damage that comes with using it unwisely. At times, as I am sure many of us have experienced, Social Media can be a vessel for self-comparison, and I have fallen into that cycle many times before. This is the very reason why I have chosen to look at social media in a different light.

With every post, I try my best to judge my intentions before sharing them with the world. I ask myself, “Does this picture promote love, joy, and truth?” Life is definitely not perfect, it’s messy, and that is why I want to share the victories, the lessons and even some of the defeats on my personal social media pages so that those who follow me are able to see a fuller picture. 

Despite your young age, your career is getting off to a good start. Are there any future projects you would like to give us a preview of?

After Impeachment, I flew to Texas for a couple of months to film another project, but unfortunately, I can’t disclose any information about that yet. There are a few things in the wings at the moment, so I guess you will just have to wait and see!

What advice would you give to other young actors like you, who would like to follow the same path?

The beauty of life is that if we choose, we never have to stop learning. If there is one thing that I have done during this journey, it is just that. One of the greatest lessons while pursuing my career path thus far, is to never be afraid of failure and rejection. I often get asked how I deal with the constant rejection of Hollywood, and to that, I say what rejection? You never know the reasons behind a closed door, and I believe that if a door closes, or something doesn’t work out how you thought it would, then that was not the right door for you to walk through. Jesus is the center of my joy, and I know that God has my back no matter what. Every door that gets closed is an opportunity for gratitude. 

It is a simple perspective shift because perhaps the person who won the role needed it more than me at that moment. I get to celebrate that victory with them – even if we have never or will never meet. Or maybe, God was looking out for me and protecting me from something. I may never know the reason, but when doors close, I am encouraged because that means something even better is waiting just around the corner. At the end of the day, all I can do is choose to trust that the Lord has the right doors to open for me.  


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