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In conversation with singer Malou

In conversation with singer Malou

In occasion of this new Latest Magazine Issue, the team has had the wonderful opportunity to speak with a super talented young artist. Malou, the Hamburg-based emerging talent with Hawaiian roots, has already made the first steps in the music industry with her Pop and Electro pop captivating sounds and just signed with Warner Music.
Everything started with a guitar, which she taught herself, and with some lyrics to warm up the long winters. Since then, the twenty-one-year-old musician has never stopped and made of singing and songwriter her reason. What really stands out of her words is her determination and resilience, as well as the care for every detail of the process of music making. Her commitment is what brought her collaborating with several artists and playing on stage at festivals, such as the Elements Festival in 2017, which counted about 15,000 spectators. We talked about her personal style, how she copes with the downsides of the creative industries and much more.

Preview interview from F/W 2020/21 issue

Photography Patrick Schwalb
Style Markus Galic
Model Malou |
Makeup, Hair Style Dennis Brandt c/o Bigoudi
Digital Operator Lucas Höllmüller

When did you realize singing and songwriting would be your future? Was there a particular event or situation that finally made you think this could be your path?

I’ve known I wanted to perform and make music for as long as I can remember. When I was four years old my parents watched me in the middle of the dance floor singing and dancing. I didn’t allow anyone to join in. I think I was born for it!

Where do you get inspiration from in your lyrics and sound? How much of personal experiences are in there and how much dreams and fantasies?

When I’m writing for myself it’s only personal lyrics, songwriting isn’t just my passion, it’s therapy. I’ll just sit together with other songwriters and talk with them about personal experiences and then we turn them into music together. It helps me to process life. I have a main songwriter collaborator, producer and songwriter Charlie McClean, who helps to guide the vision of what I want to create with my songs! When I write for other artists or ads and movies, I also write about others’ experiences, and fictional situations too. It’s a little of everything.

A life in the creative industries is at times exhausting, how do you stay grounded? What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back in time?

I worked so hard to be where I am and I’m super thankful for everyone and everything that happened so far in my life. I couldn’t be happier. That definitely makes me stay grounded. To know how hard it was to get there, and remembering every step. And of course being with my friends and family is the best you can do in this kind of business. The work is exhausting of course, but when I’m in it it doesn’t feel like work at all since this is my passion, so it’s still always positive. The only advice I would give myself is to be patient since I’m really not patient at all! But shout out to all the people who keep me grounded!

Since music and fashion are closely related when speaking about a singer’s identity, how would you describe your style? How’s your relationship with fashion?

I love fashion, it’s always been an extension of my self-expression. I always prioritise quality. For example, I’d rather buy two pairs of jeans that are more expensive than getting ten pairs that doesn’t fit perfectly. Fast fashion makes your look disposable, and I want to wear iconic looks I care about whatever the season. It’s the same with my songs, everything has to be perfect no matter how long it takes. All the pieces have to fit together perfectly, created with love, and created to last.

Preview interview from F/W 2020/21 issue


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