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In conversation with the actress Kalen Bull

In conversation with the actress Kalen Bull

She is only 19 years old and, even if her career is only in the beginning, we can already say that there are excellent conditions. Kalen was born and raised in Arizona, she is a great lover of animals – especially dogs, she has five! – she claims to have a personal style, not tied to any particular fashion brands. We talked with her about her beginnings in the film business and the main roles she has achieved over the past year.

Photo Credit: Ben Cope

You are very young and your career as an actress is only just beginning, but you have already landed various leading roles. Three of them in Lifetime movies in the past year. An incredible rise! In particular, you are now working on your lead role as Sadie in “Her Boyfriend’s Deadly Secret”. Would you like to talk about Sadie with our readers?

Sadie is wholesome, caring, loyal, intelligent, and not going to go down without a fight. As long as what she’s giving is reciprocated, she’ll stay for life. She’s your perfect ride or die.

Stills: Courtesy of Lifetime

When did you realize you wanted to be an actress? Was there a particular moment in your life that showed you the way, or is it something you’ve always had inside?

My mom bribed me with $5 to take an acting class and after that I just didn’t want to stop.

Is there a particular director you hope to work with in the future? Or an actor/actress you hope to find on set?

I think it’d be cool to star alongside some of the more major actresses playing teens that have really taken over lately like Kiernan Shipka, Zendaya, and Sydney Sweeney as well as people like Margot Robbie and Lily Collins.

Stills: Courtesy of Lifetime

We found some fantastic drawings of “romantic skeletons” on your Instagram account. Can you tell us something about it?

I just like skeletons and I draw whatever looks cool on Pinterest or Tumblr, they’re not originals I just think it’s a cool, slightly morbid, aesthetic.

Photo Credit: Ben Cope

Being LATEST primarily a fashion magazine, this question is always a must for us. Do you have any fashion brands that you particularly like, or that you think can represent you more?

As a person heavily involved in fashion, I don’t have any brands that represent me or any favorites since I buy pieces to create original and unique looks which are what represent me. I pull from a lot of smaller brands like orange juice the brand, the anti-life, purgatory, api the label, club fantasy, recluse, and a lot of other ones. 

Stills: Courtesy of Lifetime

We know that you are passionate about animals, especially dogs. You have five! Tell us how they came into your life.

The easy answer: depression. I started this whole covid thing with 2. As the quarantine got worse and my life kept falling apart I just replaced all my lost friends with dogs and got the three puppies within a span of 2 months.

Thinking about a different future for you, have you ever thought about working with animals? Or other?

I’m kind of a forever college student. I’m in school to get a PhD in medical anthropology as well as everything I need in order to pursue a career in forensic anthropology. 

Stills: Courtesy of Lifetime


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